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An ultimate soothing foot spa at an affordable price.

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Does your little one love to use your foot spa whenever you’re using it? Looking for a kid-friendly alternative that you could also use?

Then the Orbeez Ultimate Foot Spa could be the answer to your needs. Looking just like a regular home-use foot spa but designed with the youngsters in mind, Orbeez is an excellent choice for mums and daughters alike.

The Orbeez is colourful, attractive, and – above all – incredibly effective in soothing sore feet and delivering a royal foot massage. Despite its toy-like looks, it is large enough to accommodate bigger feet. And the best thing? The beads will not only massage you but also boost blood flow.

With this in mind, are you wondering if this spa is worth your money? Find it out in our Orbeez foot spa review below.

The Good

+ Attractive Design

It goes without saying that the visual aspect is the most important thing to check when choosing a foot spa designed for children. And the Orbeez impresses with flawless aesthetics.

While the colour choice is a tad girlish – just like any foot spa is, as a matter of fact – the dark purple and white give it a neutral vibe boys will love too. The colourful logo on the front is also neutral and matches perfectly the Orbeez beads.

Talking about the beads, they are perhaps the most beautiful part. You’ll get plenty of them – over 2,000 to be precise – their primary role being that of creating a soothing, massaging cascade. Although designed to make the foot spa even more attractive for kids, the beads give it an advantage over most adult-sized foot spas.

+ Performance

We already mentioned the beads, but that’s not the only thing that makes the Orbeez Ultimate foot spa a great investment.

Despite its smaller size and simple look, this foot spa is incredibly functional. To begin with, the pool is large enough to accommodate adult feet, too. It might be too small for huge feet, but the average mum or dad will have no issues with using it.

Another advantage is the fact that it runs on batteries, so it’s ultra-portable. You can use it anywhere, including in places without electricity, so you can still soothe those sore feet during a camping trip in the middle of nowhere.

+ Ease of Use

Even though the whole family can use it, the Orbeez foot spa is designed primarily for children. Thus, it is effortless to use.

As we said already, it runs on batteries. Filling it is simply, either directly from the tap or with a water jug, and the heating device warms up the water quickly.

Once full, simply drop the beads in the water, let them soak for a bit, and hit on. Perhaps you won’t get the fanciest foot massage, but the experience will undoubtedly entertain users of all ages.

The Bad

– No Batteries Included

The Orbeez foot spa is, in essence, a toy operated by three AA batteries. Needless to say, these batteries are readily available in most shops, but it could be frustrating for everyone in the household to look at the foot spa and have no way to operate it due to a lack of batteries in the pack.

Considering how cheap these batteries are, the manufacturer could have included them. So, if this is a birthday or Christmas gift, or if you have a fussier child, to begin with, don’t forget to invest in batteries before setting up the foot spa for a relaxing treatment.

– Potential Hazards

Overall, this foot spa is easy and safe to use, but it could pose some hazards for toddlers and pre-schoolers. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for children 36 months old and over. However, the Orbeez beads will increase their volume when soaked in water and can still pose a choking hazard even at that age.

This warning is particularly important for kids suffering from developmental issues; if you’re not sure your child can understand the associated risks, perhaps avoiding using the beads and only enjoying the waterfall would be best.

How to Set Up and Use the Orbeez Foot Spa

Follow these instructions to use the Orbeez foot spa:

  1. Put the Orbeez into the spa tub
  2. Add warm water (not hot)
  3. Soak overnight
  4. Drain the water
  5. Put your feet in the tub
  6. Press the power button
  7. Relax!

Our Verdict

The Orbeez Ultimate Foot Spa could be the best gift for a child interested in wellness. It is easy, fun, and – all in all – safe to use. Yes, the beads could pose a choking hazard, but most kids three years and up will understand their role and how to use them safely.

Operated by batteries, it can be used anywhere. If you plan to take it on your overseas journeys, you won’t even have to worry about buying an adapter for the wall outlet.

Its large size also makes it a sweet treat for adults. When your kid is not using it, simply fill it and indulge in a soothing massage. We also like that it comes with a strainer, so emptying it is also as easy as it gets. Affordable and luxurious for what it is, the Orbeez is a foot spa we truly recommend.

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Orbeez Foot Spa
Product Ratings
An ultimate soothing foot spa at an affordable price.
  • Looks good
  • Great performance
  • Easy to use
  • No batteries
  • Be careful around small children

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