Lumie Vitamin L Slim SAD Light

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High quality SAD light providing 2,500 lux.

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Have you ever felt annoyed or lethargic at the change of seasons? Do you feel depressed during winter? Perhaps you’re one of the many people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Commonly called winter blues, the SAD affects around 1 in 3 people on average. Women are typically 40 per cent more likely to suffer from it, but at the end of the day, anyone can become a victim.

Like most affective disorders, SAD often goes ignored and undiagnosed. However, the implications could be severe.

Determined by a sudden drop in melatonin and serotonin levels, SAD can sometimes lead to severe depression. While your physician may prescribe some medication to fight the condition, a simple device that can help is a SAD lamp. If you’re wondering which to get, read our Lumie Vitamin L Slim SAD Light review below.

The Good

+ Comfortable Lumen Output

SAD lamps aren’t a new concept, and there are plenty of models to choose from. What makes the Lumie Vitamin L different is the lumen output that’s way lower than what most other brands are proposing. This could seem as counterintuitive at first, but there is a reason why this lamp doesn’t reach excessive brightness levels.

With 2,500 lux, the Lumie Vitamin L is as bright as experts recommend. In other words, you can leave it on for lengths of time without it becoming disturbing. Thanks to this feature, you can use this lamp for much more than treating SAD.

Indeed, the optimal lumen output and stylish design make it perfect for your desk or bedside table.

+ Design

Unlike other SAD lamps that have a fixed freestanding design, the Lumie Vitamin L impresses with a versatile design. The thing we like best is its slim profile and rectangular shape. Similar to a photo frame, it fits seamlessly on a shelf or desk. It is small enough to sit on a smaller bedside table, too, but that’s not it.

Another highlight is the fact that you can place it in both portrait and landscape. This simple detail makes it easier to adapt to your interior and demands.

+ Portability

You might not be able to hang the Vitamin L from Lumie on a wall, but the lamp’s portability quickly counterweights this slight downside. Whether you’re travelling across the globe and change seasons along the way or simply need a portable solution for your domestic travels, the Vitamin L fits the bill.

The slim and lightweight features of these lamps come in handy when you have to fit it in a carryon or backpack. Thanks to the bright light it provides and short exposure sessions, this lamp can boost your mood effortlessly in most circumstances.

+ Ease of Use

The Lumie Vitamin L is as easy to use as it gets. The lamp doesn’t have any fancy features, but that’s the beauty of it. An oversized on/off button at the back lets you turn it on and off as desired. The lamp doesn’t have other fancy features, but it is indeed effortless to operate.

The Bad

– No Settings

One of the biggest complaints you might have is the lack of settings of this lamp. While its competitors present various brightness levels and maybe multiple colours, too, the Vitamin L only provides white light at a pre-set brightness.

This isn’t a bad thing as long as you plan to use the lamp exclusively for the intended purpose but could become annoying if you would like to use it as a bedside lamp, too, or to create some atmosphere during a film night.

– Size

While the Lumie Vitamin L has a slim profile and simple design, its size could be a problem if you want to keep it on a shelf, for example. Overall, the lamp measures 29 x 21 x 11 centimetres, which could or couldn’t be an issue based on the space you have.

– Price Tag

The Lumie Vitamin L is expensive, considering its features and capabilities. For the money, you could quickly get a dimmable SAD lamp or one that also allows you to switch between colours. All in all, though, the Vitamin L impresses with its minimalist design and seamless functionality. If that’s what you’re after and don’t mind dropping some cash, then it undoubtedly is an excellent choice.

Our Verdict

The Lumie Vitamin L might not be the most feature-packed SAD light out there, but it does what it’s supposed to do brilliantly. Although it could seem a drawback, the lower lumen output is a positive feature, allowing you to use the Vitamin L as a regular lamp rather than a therapy one.

An oversized button makes it super-easy to use by younger and older people alike. We also like the slim picture frame profile and that you can position it in either portrait or landscape mode.

While it is a tad on the expensive side, its performance and durability pay off. All in all, an excellent choice if you want quality and don’t mind a slightly higher price tag.

9.5Expert Score
Lumie Vitamin L Slim SAD Light
Product Ratings
High quality SAD light providing 2,500 lux.
  • Comfortable lumen output
  • Versatile design
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • No choice of different settings
  • Cheaper options available
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