Bio-Frequency Spectrum

There is much about the human body that still goes unknown despite the best efforts of scientists. While medicine has come a long way over the past 100 years, there have always been some that have looked for answers outside of traditional techniques.

One such study involves the Bio-Frequency Spectrum (BFS) which involves understanding the frequency and spectrum of information emanating from the human body. It is thought that this frequency and spectrum can be interpreted to help diagnose ailments in the human body and even replicated to help with healing.

The History of BFS

Not much was written about BFS before the 1950s, but Chinese scientists believed that all living things emit a bio-spectrum depending on what type of living thing it is. The belief is that this spectrum can give information regarding the health of the organism and that this changes as it gets older or develops ailments.

Kirlian Camera

Since 1889, there was work on electrography which created electrographs of fingers and leaves. Then a Russian electrical engineer Semyon Kirlian and his wife started to work on photography that could capture a glow that they had seen on a patient receiving treatment from an electrical generator.

Their experiments in 1958 involved using photographic film that was placed on a conducting plate with another attached to a hand or leaf. When the conductors were energized, with a high-frequency, high-voltage power source, they produced images with a silhouette that looked like an aura of light. Their results were unknown until the 1970s but it was mainly researched by Russian scientists as the West was not interested in this technology.

TDP Lamp

Although many of these scientists thought that the human body could be healed by understanding these spectrums, there wasn’t a way that they could simulate it so that it could be used in medicine.

In 1978, Dr. You Wenben developed a way of emitting a broad bio-spectrum when he heated a device with a formula of 33 minerals. The device was called the TDP Lamp as this stands for bio-spectrum in Chinese where he was the director of research at the Chongqing Institute.

BFS Research

After the development of the TDP Lamp, Dr. Wenben conducted research studies into its effectiveness. One study involved over 1,000,000 people and was found to help with over 100 ailments including:

  • Arthritis
  • Injury
  • Pain
  • Spasms

Throughout the 80s and 90s, the formula for the minerals was improved and in 1987, Dr. Lin Zhou improved the design to help give TDP more curative functions for internal ailments. His new device, called the Lin Zhou Bio-Spectrum Apparatus was even tested on AIDS and cancer patients. Though there were some improvements, the results were not conclusive enough.

In the 1990s, a Multi-Frequencies Lamp (MF) was developed. This had five bars with different minerals so that it could emit a broader wavelength. Then in 2000, a Wide Spectrum (WS) lamp was developed which increased the absorption rate even more.

In 1998, a study was conducted using a WS lamp on sprouting seeds and growing seedlings. The tests were conducted and the results showed that the growth of the seedlings was enhanced. It also showed that the roots system was also enhanced as well as many other characteristics of the seedlings.

Biological Effects of BFS

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of BFS on the biological system. Not all of these studies were to find benefits, some were also conducted to see if there were any negative effects from the process.

Neuro-Endocrine System

There have been a number of studies on the effect BFS has on the endocrine system, some of these have been aimed at specific ailments such as diabetes. For example, experiments with rabbits with diabetes showed that BFS had corrective effects. There have also been positive results in other neuro-endocrine areas such as acne, irregular menstruation, and hyperthyroidism.

Basal Metabolism

Studies with BFS on the basal metabolic system has shown that it may have beneficial effects on liver function. It is also thought to have decreased blood sugar levels, blood urea nitrogen levels, and the level of uric acid.

Cardiovascular System

Some scientists have reported therapeutic effects from using BFS for heart disease of coronary arteriosclerosis. They found that BFS helped to dilate the arteries as well as help with paroxysmal tachycardia.

Nervous System

Studies on rats have apparently shown that BFS can have a beneficial effect on damaged nerves. It suggests that it can also help with easing pain and unwanted sensations. There was also evidence that BFS could have therapeutic effects on dementia by inhibiting the degeneration of the nerve cells and increasing the oxygen supply.

Immune System

One of the most interesting discoveries from using BFS is the results of studies on the immune system. Scientists found that irradiation enhanced both the number of immunized cells and the immune response. They also found an increase in blood leukocyte and lymphocyte counts.


Over the years there have been many studies and experiments into the effectiveness of BFS and what areas of the body it can enhance or heal. Despite this, many traditional medical scientists are not convinced and BFS is still seen by many as an alternative form of treatment. There is even some scepticism over the Kirlian camera results and what the ‘aura’ shown may actually be showing.

However, there is no doubt that studies into BFS will continue, and the apparatus used to irradiate will improve and continue to show interesting results.

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