TriField 50Hz Meter 100XE

Trifield 50HZ Meter

Used to detect Electromagnetic Pollution

The Trifield Meter combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurement of EMF pollution.

This is the only meter that combines measurement capability of electric, magnetic, radio and microwave frequencies.

It independently measures electric and magnetic fields.

Most homes and offices have hot spots with strong artificial electro-magnetic fields, where chronic exposure may cause mental or physical problems. Even the EPA names these fields as suspected carcinogens.

The Trifield meter has three separate sensors allowing independent measurement of magnetic fields, electric fields and RF or radio / microwave fields. It can help you detect defective equipment, determine safer distances for operating equipment and test better shields around your equipment.

Use it to measure high MAGNETIC fields around TV screens, clock radios, computer monitors/disk drives, electric typewriters, and many other common appliances in the home, car and office... AND power lines near the home.

Measure high ELECTRIC fields around such sources as computer monitors, TV's, fluorescent lights, improperly grounded electrical equipment, and electric blankets (especially if the AC plug polarity is reversed) - even when in the OFF position if plugged in!

Detect and measure RADIO / MICROWAVE fields around CEL cellular phones, microwave ovens (check for leaks, door sealing, etc.), CB radio transmitters, etc. A reading of .2 mW/cm2 at a distance of six feet suggests a leaking microwave door seal.

Depending on the position of the knob, the meter detects either frequency-weighted magnetic fields (two separate scales) or frequency-weighted electric fields in the ELF and VLF range. The device has significant sensitivity at 100,000 Hz, well past the 17,000 Hz horizontal scan of video displays. The radio / microwave setting can detect up to three billion Hz (3 Ghz), which lets you gauge radio-wave power, CB and cellular phone equipment, as well as many types of radars.

If you hold the meter in the center of a room and tip it to various angles, the magnetic reading will stay approximately the same regardless of which way you tip or rotate it. The electric reading is similar, although the presence of your body alters the actual electric field, so readings will vary more. The radio / microwave setting reads the full power of radiowaves when the meter is pointed toward the source.


The only meter which combines magnetic, electric and radio / microwave detectors in one handheld, compact, portable, time saving, easy to use instrument, allowing fast & accurate coverage of the entire nonionizing electromagnetic spectrum!

3-Axis measurement (three dimensional) & detection of electric and magnetic fields, which allows QUICK scanning of offices, homes, hallways, powerlines and vehicles, etc.

Independently measures / detects electric field and magnetic fields and is properly scaled to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced inside a conductive body.

Continuous sampling analog readout.

Detects either frequency-weighted magnetic fields (two separate scales) or frequency-weighted electric fields in the ELF and VLF range. It has significant sensitivity at 100,000 Hz, well past the 17,000 Hz horiontal scan of video displays.

Magnetic and Electric settings measure TRUE magnitude, a feature usually only found on very expensive meters.

One-Year limited warranty and will continue to perform indefinitely with reasonable care!

AC Magnetic Fields: (3-axis; shows true magnitude)
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 KHz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz): +/- 20% of reading
Range/Resolution (@ 60 Hz or 50 Hz): 100 milligauss / 0.2 milligauss
Standard Version Frequency Weighting:  
*Sensitivity is proportional to frequency from 40 Hz to 500 Hz; flat from 500 Hz to 2000 Hz
*Sensitivity is inversely proportional to frequency from 2K Hz to 100K Hz
Flat Frequency Version: +/- 20% from 50 Hz to 500 Hz; inverse frequency above 500 Hz
AC Electric Fields: (3-axis; however, note that E-field is affected by the body position)
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 K Hz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz): +/- 30% of reading
Range/Resolution: 1000 V/m / 5 V/m
Frequency Weighting: Same as magnetic (above).
Frequency Range: 50 MHz – 3000 MHz (3 GHz)
Radio Microwave: 1 Axis (detect E field)
Range/Resolution: 1 mW/cm2 / 0.01 mW/cm2
Accuracy: ½ x to 2 x of reading
Meter Size: 5.0 x 2.6 x 2.4 in (129 x 67 x 62 mm)
Weight: 8 oz
Battery: 9 volt alkaline (~ 40 hour life) / "Low Battery" indicator

Trifield 100XE Meter Instructions

Taking Readings:
Hold the meter as shown. Do not cover the top of the meter. This prevents your hand from shielding electric fields or microwaves. (Your hand cannot shield magnetic fields.) Read the top scale when the knob is set on "MAGNETIC (0-100 range)". This top scale reads in milligauss. For more sensitivity to weak magnetic fields, setknob on "MAGNETIC (0-3 range)", and read the center black scale. When the knob is set on"ELECTRIC", read the top scale, and multiply by 10 to get volts/meter. Point the top of the meter toward the electric field source being measured. When the knob is turned to "RADIO/MICROWAVE, use the bottom scale (.01-1 milliwatt per square centimeter) and point the meter toward the radio/microwave source.
Battery Test:
Switch the knob to "Battery Test". If the battery needs replacement, the needle will be to the left of the line that is itself left of the words "Batt. Test”.
Normally, the indoor RADIO/MICROWAVE reading should be near zero in most parts of homes or offices, and will almost certainly be zero if you cup your hand in front of the meter or place the meter in a metal box. In rural areas, far from power lines, the magnetic field should also read very low (below .2 milligauss).
High Magnetic Field Sources
Hold the meter near these sources, and set the knob on "MAGNETIC (0-100 range)". Some of these should read greater than 10 milligauss on the top scale. Your body or hand does not shield these.
· AC wall adaptors
· Vacuum cleaner or motorized equip­ment
· TV screens
· Plug in clock/radio
· Lightning
· Inside of commercial jets
· Running cars, especially near front floorboard
If you can't get a reading greater than 10, test the battery (If the battery is weak, the meter needle cannot go up to full scale.).
High Electric Field Sources
Switch the knob to ELECTRIC. If you point the electric sensor (see photo) toward these sources, some should read greater than 500 volts per meter. (Notice that your body can easily shield electric fields; the reading is lower if you cover the top surface of the meter with your hand. Also, the presence of your hand at the back of the meter compresses the electric field, making it read somewhat higher than if the meter were suspended from a string far away from you.
· Most type of TV/computer monitors
· Improperly grounded electrical equip­ment
· Single "hot" wire, even if insulated
· Fluorescent lights
· Electric Blankets, when plugged in, but "off', especially if the AC plug polarity is reversed
High Radio/Microwave Power Sources
Switch to RADIO/MICROWAVE and point the radio/microwave sensor toward the following sources. Read the bottom scale. Your hand can shield the higher frequencies (microwave) but not lower frequencies. Strong sources include:
· Cordless phones, CB, or amateur radio transmitter*
· Microwave ovens near door seal. A reading of more than .2 m W / cm2 (needle halfway up) at a distance of six feet suggests a leaking microwave door seal, which should be repaired.
*Will also produce electric and magnetic field readings.

Instruction in PDF

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Lloyd Burrell -
This is like 3 meters in one, as the write up suggests. Great for electrical and magnetic radiation particularly - microwave ovens, faulty house wiring and emfs from computer equipment.
Mr C Pedley -
The meter performed very well and is easy to use. The instructions are brief and easy to understand. The meter is a bit clumsy to hold when handling other items such as a note pad and pen. for... Read

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