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Joe -

I bought the Biocera alkaline jug back in October. I used it a bit but was never really sure it was making the water more alkaline.
But thought I would test it properly using a ''phtestr 10'' and some alkaline buffer solution of 4 and 7. It calibrating perfectly with those. And my tap water came out at 7.1 PH, and bottled water at 7.0. I was amazed to see that when put through the Biocera jug it came out at 9.4! So I am super confident it works, and will be using it everyday now.

Faith -

I am extremely happy with this product. I have more energy since using the alkaline water. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted to improve their health and energy. My skin is much healthier and the pounds are coming off too. Also just to say the customer service here is excellent. Great people to do business with.

Tabitha Mills -

l love the taste of this water, it's fabulous. It completely removes both the smell and taste of the chemicals that my tap-water is treated with, much better than a regular, ordinary filter-jug does. So far I am delighted with my purchase.

alf -

hi just a quick note to say the water from this jug is the best purest clean water ive ever had the pleasure to drink ive always for years drank filtered water but this beats the lot 2ltres a day is so easy to drink as you just cant stop drinking it and if youve a hangover it iliminates it in half the time brilliant and electronic healing are fast curtios and profesionel oh and energy levals seam to have increased

Mandy -

The water from this jug tastes amazing - after drinking this you will never want to drink any other, it tastes purer than any bottled water I've tried! Added to that you get the health benefits of alkaline water!

A Patel -

Delighted with the neptune jug, it is excellent at dealing with London water and at half the price of other jugs on the market i am very impressed at the high pH. Please could you ship direct to India for me i cannot find it on your list? Thank you

LS, Manchester -

Thank you for your excellent telephone support I am happy to report that my jug is working perfectly and the water tastes great, it is amazing to think that consuming alkaline water is so helpful to health and wellbeing, blessings to you all.

f opie -

I have told our group for Liver disease, that I have now been on the water for 4 mths now, and my blood test has come back A1. My consultant is so very pleased. I was in need of a Liver transplant in Nov 2012 but now she told me it has improved so much I don''t need one, yet.

Jillian Edwards -

Have been using for approx 3 years and family all now use them. These two will go to grand

Jillian Edwards -

Have been using for approx 3 years and family all now use them. These two will go with grandsons off to uni in Sept. Can't praise highly enough.

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