Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine

Awesome light and sound machine, now with USB

Proteus Light and Sound Machine

PROTEUS Light and Sound Machine is a revolutionary new light and sound product that combines innovative Bi-Color tm stimulation technology - with a powerful set of additional features, all for an unbeatable price.

The latest member of the best-selling ORION family, it boasts completely redesigned circuitry, including an advanced processor which is four times faster than ORION's. It includes the following new features:

Realtime BiColortm output:

Proteus controls two color output channels in real time! This means (for example) that relaxation frequencies can be set to soothing green, while energizing frequencies are the appropriate red. We deliver the system with super-bright 'emerald green' and 'sapphire red' LED's, with other color combinations and applications under development.

Totally programmable:

We've developed a simple, yet very powerful Windows-hosted programming tool, available free of charge.

Totally upgradeable:

The Proteus mind machine uses advanced Flash memory for both session and operating system data. This means that you can download not only new session groups but that the entire operating system can be upgraded. Future upgrades will include such advanced features as wave table cross-fading; dual binaural beats; BioConnect(tm) real-time biofeedback control, and more. Integrates with the Oasis CES device.

Wavetable audio:

The PROTEUS mind machine includes stereo audio converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms. You can store up to four different waveforms in Proteus, and we include a FREE audio waveform editor with every system sold.

Enhanced AudioStrobe tm:

We've fine-tuned our AudioStrobe decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, intense experience.

100 program capacity:

Proteus ships with enhanced versions of the original Orion sessions, together with a mix of our 'best' programs from our other systems. A total of fifty programs are p reloaded into Proteus when you receive it.

Proteus can hold up to 100 programs in nonvolatile memory, as much as machines costing nearly twice as much. In fact, it does more than many machines in the £300-£400 category, yet is much more compact (no heavy metal cabinet to scratch your tabletop), lightweight, and attractive.

PROTEUS Light and Sound mind machine ships with the following items:

Proteus mind machine Control Console
Super 'Ruby/Emerald' Liteframes
Deluxe headphones
Stereo patchcord
USB cable
Software Suite and Session Library
Proteus Editor software (via download) from www.mindplacesupport.com

Proteus Bright White Light Frames Also Available

Bright White Light-Frames

Bright White LightFrames (Glasses)Compatible with The Proteus only. 5mm CP Polarity with 4 leds per eye. Only £50

AudioStrobe CDs

These are Audiostrobe encoded CDs, designed to be used with an Audio-Visual Synthesizer, such as the Mindplace Procyon AVS. They can also be enjoyed as any other music CD. AudioStrobe encoded compact discs include a special signal which directly controls the lights, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation. The AudioStrobe System not only stores music on an ordinary CD but also the corresponding optical signals. These signals are transferred to the light glasses using light emitting diodes via the AudioStrobe Decoder. The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances; creating audio-visual art. Our AudioStrobe CDs lead you through entrancing dreamscapes and mythic journeys towards the deepest realms of your unconscious mind.

There are two AudioStrobe collections: 

AudioStrobe Collection Volume 1 (5 CDs)

1. Audio Illusions

 Norman Durkee, Seattle composer, takes you on a wonderous musical journey, complimented by light patterns that take the visualization experience to new heights.

You'll find sound cues as diverse as a trip to a primitive jungle and encounters with primal spirits, to unexpected urban soundscapes that melt into flowing water and fluid keyboard interludes. (4 pieces, approx 54 minutes).

2. Tibetan Highlands

Richard (Karma) Moffett, master musician and Tibetan scholar, combines authentic Tibetan instruments and modern keyboard performances to create two exotically different light and sound journeys. (2 pieces, approx. 50 minutes).Audiostrobe Collection

3. Dreams In The Mind's Eye

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's groundbreaking work with sound patterns has been used by psychologists, bodyworkers, and hypnotherapists across the country since 1981 to affect consciousness. Using segments from Dr. Thompson's digital recordings, new sound collages and designed complimentary light patterns have been assembled to create a dynamic, entertaining, synchronized light and sound experience. (3 pieces, approx. 43 minutes).

4. Journey of The Drums

Prem Das and Muruga Booker, two master drummers, present an extraordinary collaboration of rhythm and power. The steady Water drum of Prem Das provides the trance ground while Muruga's Nada Drum dances, soars, circles and hovers, always singing joyfully. This music plays with the elemental spirits of life and light, and will appeal to the urban primitive in us all. (2 pieces, approx. 57 minutes).

5. Water Planet

Flowing music set to light by Andrzej Slawinski, creator of AudioStrobe. This collection comprises four pieces, each enhanced with a dynamic light experience to create an exciting and entertaining psycho-acoustic light/sound event. (4 pieces, approx. 53 minutes).

AudioStrobe Collection Volume 2 (4 CDs)

1. Brain Scan

A new release from Tamas Lab - very effective AudioStrobe 3-D sound and light structures. Beta, Alpha and Theta tracks, resulting from their many years of experience in audiovisual stimulation.

2. Requiem

This composition creates an environment of near death experience. It is based on a biophysical measurement of the light emitted from dying yeast cells done by Prof. Dr. Janusz Slawinski.

3 & 4. Eternal Elements 1 & 2

Two ambient AudioStrobe programmes are available to help you relax and to transport you to the different spheres of the four natural elements: WATER, WIND, FIRE & EARTH.

Product Price Quantity
Proteus Light and Sound machine
£135 inc. VAT
Proteus - Bright White Light Frames
£50 inc. VAT
AudioStrobe Collection Volume 1
£60 inc. VAT
AudioStrobe Collection Volume 2
£56 inc. VAT

Customer Reviews of Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine

gpartin -
Excellent. SO relaxing, unbelievable and legal high.
skye -
amazing machine.. especially with the red/blue glasses.. great programmes.. I LOVE 'release the day'! .. helps me sleep like a baby!!

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