Magnetic Pulser - Parapulser for Bob Beck Protocol

Fastest, strongest Beck magnetic pulser ever built.

Magnetic Pulser

Parapulser® - Magnetic Bob Beck frequency Pulser

The Parapulser® is the most advanced, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built.

The Parapulser operates at a frequency of 2Hz and has an unlimited number of pulses - it is much faster than most other pulsers - 300 pulses in 2.5 mins (2400 pulses in 20 mins).

World's smallest and most powerful magnetic pulser

Parapulser = time machine

In only 5 minutes, a complete induction-/frequency program can be completed several times a day, for which one would need many hours with existing equipment.

Use the Magnetic Pulser to pulse into water

5 minutes to quench your cell’s energy thirst.

Parapulser®: 5000+ pulses = 5000 drops = 250 ml

Made in Germany

The Parapulser® is manufactured entirely in Germany, which ensures high reliability and robust construction. 


Pulsating low frequency magnetic fields (PEMF) penetrate the whole body.
PEMF is known to

cell metabolism and ion transportation for better cell nutrition (and excretion).

oxygen assimilation (anaerobic micro-organisms have lower membrane potential and tolerate oxygen less than aerobic cells).

lymphatic activity.

blood flow.

• alkalinity in extra-cellular fluids (by converting calcium bicarbonate to calcium hydroxide).

melatonin production (which has anti-stress and anti-aging effects).



 Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser



Special Features


  • Time Saving

  • Extremely strong magnetic induction, due to a magnetic flux density of 0.66 Tesla (6600 Gauss)

  • Continuous operation up to 10,000 pulses without overheating

  • Adjustable polarity: north pole, south pole, alternating poles

  • Capacitor lifetime of 5 billion chargings (approx 8 years continuous pulsing)

  • Fail-safe temperature monitoring of the magnetic coil

  • Runs on 12V power supply

  • Safety strap for safe handling

  • Warranty: 2 years





  • Pulse frequency: 2Hz

  • Flux density: 6600 Gauss

  • Pulse raise time: 0.82 ms

  • Pulse fall time: 0.72 ms

  • Dimensions: L: 214 mm, W: 62 mm, height coil head: 65.7 mm

  • Total weight: 875g

  • Coil weight: 575g

  • Power consumption: 2-45 W (stand by: 0.5 W)

  • Input voltage: 10.8 - 16 V DC

  • Power adapter: 110 - 220 V AC

  • Operation on rechargeable batteries: optional



For which audience is the Parapulser® intended?

Until now, there were mainly the Dr. Beck and “Zapper” conaisseurs, who were concerned with electrical currents and induction. Regular users of older magnetic pulser will hardly bypass the Paraulser®, because time is our most precious good, and the Paraulser® gives it back with every single pulse. Take back your power and - take back your time! Due to its superior performance and frequency function, the Parapulser® has so versatile applications that it appeals to a much larger audience: from elite athletes to wellness centers, consciousness researchers. The innovative cost model adapts to individual performance needs.

Is there a limit on the pulse rate, above which it could be potentially harmful?

A negative effect is very unlikely in this dimensions. When the short term application has overwhealming benefits, a long term use should not yield anything negative. Counter-question: is a ride on a magnetic levitation train more harmful than on a little train? The pulser’s induced currents are anyway very weak, compared with direct blood electrification (micro amperage). 

Why does one need magnetic treatment, apart from blood electrification?

Due to the new possibility of inductive frequency treatment, this question became unnecessary in principle. The original advantage of pulsing lays in the local, concentrated effect of depth at which you can capture any part of the body immediately. Especially for (fur-covered) animals, blood electrification (with the miniZAP®) is often not an option.


What “magic” is driving the Parapulser®?

Even though its performance contrasts strongly against the sub-Hertz pulsers, the explanation is not very difficult. The Parapulser® has a very advanced charging technology, where the cooperation between hard and software is perfectly tuned. Self-speaking, the power supply is also much stronger. In the past 5 years, much has been done regarding availability of heavy duty electronic parts. Maggnetic pulsers have ever since lived an lonely life in the “scene”, which is overlooked by bigger investors and developers, although the feedbacks are quite often nothing short from phenomenal. In this respect, since the first flash experiments of physicist Dr. Robert Beck († 2002), enormous development potential had been left unexploited and finally recovered through the Parapulser®.


Magnetic Pulser for the Bob Beck ProtocolMagnetic polarity

The magnetic north pole, from which the magnetic field lines escape, has stimulating effect (similar to antioxidant / alkaline), the magnetic south pole has an inhibitory effect (similar to oxidative / acidic). With the Parapulser® you can apply both polarities individually or in a toggle mode. North (n) is red (= activating), south (s) is blue (= soothing). During a pulse sequence, the north pole of the Parapulser®  is recognizable by repelling the north pole of a compass needle, while the south pole attracts it.


Bob Beck Parapulser for magnetic pulsing

Quickstart Guide to the Bob Beck Parapulser



Do not use in the following situations as safety has not been explored:

In the case of pregnancy, nursing or trying to get pregnant

With a pacemaker or other active implanted device

Warranty: 2 years

Google what the drug companies and government are desperate to conceal from you.

The Silver Pulser has a gagging order on it

This product has a gagging orders imposed on it by the  government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry (ASA) who don't want you to know how it can help you.

They achieve this by banning free speech and threatening us.

Currently your health is in the hands of a private group of bankers and drug companies (ASA) who intruct the government to censor us, through force, in order to keep you in the dark. This is facism.


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