Litepod SAD Light Box

Litepod SAD Light Box

Small, lightweight and stylish, this compact SAD light box is perfect for use in the office or around the home. Ideal for using next to your computer or on a coffee table in the lounge. The Litepod is one of the smallest 10,000 lux SAD lamps on the market yet delivers a powerful daily SAD therapy treatment in only 45 minutes!  The Litepod only uses 48w of electricity - so it is less than a regular 60w bulb !

SAD Light Box SAD Light Box

Now available in Hot Pink or Navy, the Litepod 10,000 lux SAD lightbox is robust and portable, comes complete with two new bulbs so all you need to do is unpack it, plug it in and llight up your mood.

  • Dimension: 15' x 5' x 5', 38 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Recommended treatment time: 45 minutes
  • Light Source: 2 Flourescent tubes

Taking your LitePod Treament

  1. Litepod SAD LightboxHave the lightbox about an arms distance away and slightly to one side, or under your computer screen.
  2. The light needs to go into the eye, so do not wear goggles or tinted glasses. Plain glasses or contact lenses are fine. No dozing or sleeping - you must be awake with eyes open to take the treatment.
  3. Do not look at the light all the time, just glance at it every now and then. You can carry on with your normal routine, reading and writing, have breakfast beside it or use when you are using your computer.
  4. It is better to take your S.A.D. light treatment as early as possible during the day, but do not use the lightbox within 4 hours of bedtime as this may disturb your sleep.
  5. Repeat daily from late September through to April



Litepod Carry Bag Optional Carry Case for the Litepod SAD Light
Litepod Carry Bag  

No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. For whatever reason no questions asked, return the product within 30 days to us for a full product refund.

Special for 2013 - litepod in pink

Litepod SAD Light in Pink

FREE USB Air Purifier

USB Air Purifier


To further lift your mood we are giving away a USB Air Purifier Ioniser with the Litepod SAD Light.

As well as improving the air quality around your computer, negative ions have been proven to help alleviate many SAD symptoms.

Air Purifier information


"Thought you would like to know my lightbox has arrived and I am delighted with it. I was impressed with Royal Mails text, to tell me the postie was on his rounds and bringing it Sat morning." Debbie

Product Price Quantity
Litepod SAD Lightbox + Free USB Air Purifier
Declare VAT free* (Save £21.80)
£109 VAT Free!
Litepod PINK special offer SOLD OUT
Declare VAT free* (Save £21.80)
£109 VAT Free!
Litepod Carry Bag
£16.95 inc. VAT
2 Litepod SAD Lightbox Replacement Bulbs
£20 inc. VAT

Customer Reviews of Litepod SAD Light Box

mr p fullerton -
well if this product is half as good as the delivery i'll be chuffed to bits.ordered it 1pm yesterday and its winged its way to Durham in less than 24hrs.superb and thanks very much
Mrs A Walker -
Very pleased with my purchase, feel that the litepod has benefited the whole family throughout the dark winter days. Impressed with the description of the product and the service from Electronic... Read
Miss K commander -
I am very satisfied with my Litepod. It is ideal because I can take it to work with me. My only problem is finding a suitable bag to carry it in. Regards, Kim
Mr C Giles -
I use to feel very run down and no energy and realised I might suffer from SAD. I decided to purchase a SAD lamp which I use when there is no sun and have found it very good. I did not think the ... Read
Mrs K Thomson -
Excellant product. Very easy to use and store when not in use. Basically it does what it says on the box. A lot of colleagues have used it in the darker days, with definate benefits. Must rememb... Read

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