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This incredible treatment is a unique approach to snoring that is succeeding where many other treatments have failed.

Traditional treatments to stop snoring like mouth pieces and chin straps can be expensive, leave your mouth sore and in many cases are removed during sleep without having the chance to work.

Chuut is completely different, its soft, comfortable and easily worn discreetly in the mouth giving you and your partner a soundless night’s sleep.

Works straight out of the box – No fitting needed, there is no pre-moulding, heating or impressions, just pop it in and one size works for all.

  Soft and and flexible – the most comfortable and easiest stop snoring treatment available.

  Fast working, instant results –Chuut works the very first night you use it and no adjusting!

  Unique and Safe Material – The Chuut material is totally safe and allows you to sleep comfortably and soundly, you don’t even know you are wearing it.

 If you are one of the 1 in 4 people who snore or their long suffering partner you know the misery these nuisance nocturnal noises can cause.

Chuut is a hypoallergenic mouthpiece that fits comfortably between the teeth and lips and works by re-educating snorers to breathe through the nose to stop snoring for good.

? Simple to use – no complicated fitting instructions

? Comfortable to wear and easy to get used to

? Great value for money

? Completely natural anti snoring solution And most importantly its highly effective!

What causes snoring?

Snoring usually occurs during sleep when our bottom jaw and tongue fall back and the soft tissue blocks the airway at the back of the throat. This narrowing of the airway forces our breathing to get faster and vibrates the soft tissue blocking the airway. This is what we all know (and hate!) as snoring.

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Chuut helps snoring sufferers break the reflex of breathing through the mouth whilst sleeping, re-training them to breathe quietly through the nose. This means almost half of the users tested found they soon no longer needed to wear the mouthpiece at night since their noisy snoring had been completely cured! Almost all of the remaining participants found that whilst they needed to continue using the Chuut at night, their snoring had finally stopped.

How Does Chuut snoring work

Chuut is a silicon mouthpiece almost invisible to the eye that sits comfortably in front of the teeth behind the lips. The small hole in the centre of the device allows the user to breathe through the mouth but makes it much harder by limiting the amount of air taken in.

This gently re-educates the snorer during sleep to rely less on mouth breathing and breathe more through the nose. Over time the snorer is trained to breathe through the nose only, thereby preventing snoring entirely. Almost half of Chuut users find this education so ingrained that they no longer even need to wear the Chuut mouthpiece as they have been taught to only breathe through the nose, their snoring has been totally cured.

Chuut is being heralded as a small miracle when it comes to eliminating snoring because it’s so simple yet so effective.

Unlike mouthpieces, Chuut is soft and light so you don’t have to worry about getting used to it and there is no gagging problems or any danger of swallowing it either. It doesn’t lock the lower jaw nor does it lock your jaw in place, it’s not bulky and there is no moulding or fitting process to worry about.

The curse of snoring

After years of trying in vain to stop your nuisance snoring and spending fortunes on unsuccessful products it can feel like a curse you’ll never get rid of. If you’re having to spend your nights on the sofa or relegated to the spare room you know the damage snoring can have on relationships. Imagine being able to once again share a bed with your long suffering husband or wife safe in the knowledge your snorting and snuffling won’t be keeping them awake all night long.


  How do I use Chuut?
  There are no complicated fitting instructions, Chuut is ready to use straight from the box. Simply place the Chuut in the mouth at bed time and begin the first of your silent snore-free nights.


  How long does it last?
  Each Chuut lasts 6 months minimum and there are 2 to each box.


  What is Chuut made of?
  Chuut is constructed from a silicon material of medical and hypoallergenic quality. This material has been approved by the FDA, considered as the strictest reference worldwide for personal safety.


  I have never seen anything like this to treat Snoring, does it really work?
  Chuut is a completely different approach to snoring that has won many awards in the last 2-3 years. In our most recent consumer survey, it came out on top compared to treatments like mouth guards, chin straps and sprays.


  How do I keep the Chuut clean?
  The are two Chuut mouthpieces and one cleaning tablet in each order. Dissolve the tablet in water and immerse the Chuut device for 15 minutes to kill germs and give the mouthpiece a fresh menthol taste. It is advised that you fully sterilise the Chuut mouthpiece using these non-toxic tablets once a week to prevent germs and bacteria growing on the device.


  Can I swallow or choke on Chuut?
  Absolutely not, its unique mouthpiece design means there is no chance of swallowing or choking.


  Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Chuut?
  Chuut is recommended for those aged 15 and up. It should not however be used by those with a known allergy against silicone, chronic heavy coughing or gum/mouth lesions or infections such as gingivitis.


  Is it easy to get used to?
  Absolutely! Some users may notice increased salivation when they first start using the Chuut mouthguard and others can find they do not keep it in their mouth all night, both of these issues are remedied within 1-5 nights of wearing Chuut.
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