Information about the Bob Beck Protocol

In 1990, two doctors discovered how to kill all viruses, bacteria and fungus in our blood.

Their discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or enhanced by, a microbe (virus, bacteria, and fungus).

For 25 years this information has constantly been suppressed, and still today an evil private group of un-elected, financial p d files, masquerading as government, known as the Advertising Standards Authority, has forced us to hide this information from you.

We are not allowed to tell you what this has to do with the Bob Beck Protocol.

The Silver Pulser has a gagging order on it

The Bob Beck Protocol has a gagging order imposed on it by the  government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry (ASA) who don't want you to know how it can help you.

They achieve this by banning free speech and threatening us.

Currently your health is in the hands of a private group of bankers and drug companies (ASA) who intruct the government to censor us, through force, in order to keep you in the dark. This is facism.

Information about the Bob Beck Protocol


So summing up : A private group of bankers, use the government, to  remove factual information about how to treat disease, to ensure you stay sick and only use expensive harmful pharmaceutical drugs. 

As this information is on other websites what is the point? This amply demonstrates how pointless and wasteful government really is, and of NO BENEFIT to those who they are meant to serve.