Bob Beck ProtocolThe Bob Beck Protocol kills or disables microbes (virus, bacteria, and fungus) in the body.

Dr. Robert Beck developed a simple electronic device which has been proven to destroy virtually all known bacteria, viruses and fungi instantly.

In 1993 two doctors were granted a U.S. Patent for a device that electrified the blood so that a small electric current could disable viruses from being able to infect cells and multiply, thus rendering them harmless. This includes the AIDS HIV virus.

Their discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or enhanced by, a microbe (virus, bacteria, and fungus).


The Beck Protocol offers a 4 Step Program:

Step 1 - Blood electrification with microcurrents of electricity.
Step 2 - Magnetic pulsing for lymph and tissue electrification.
Step 3 - Make your own ionic colloidal silver.
Step 4 - Freshly ozonate water to help clear toxins.

 Dr. Bob Beck's Suppressed Medical Cure For Cancer, Aids, Diabetes Etc

Where's the proof?

The U.S. government granted a patent in 1993 for a blood electrification device. You can't get a US patent without proving ALL of the claims made. The key points from the document which you can read in full here are:

".....the present invention has been devised to attenuate any bacteria, virus (including the AIDS HIV virus) parasites and/or fungus contained in blood contributed by a donor to the point that any such contaminant is rendered ineffective for infecting a normally healthy human cell, but does not make the blood biologically unfit for use in humans."

".... with alternating current electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to attenuate such contaminants to the extent that bacteria, virus, fungus, and/or parasites contained in the blood or other body fluids are rendered ineffective to infect and/or affect normally healthy human cells."  United States Patent 5,188,738

What the Bob Beck Protocol does is kill or disable from multiplying, the microbes circulating in your body. When a microbe that is in the bloodstream is killed or disabled, the body will remove it.

The Bob Beck Protocol "supercharges" the immune system.

The Bob Beck Protocol is a set of 4 treatments designed to disable microbes in the body (i.e. stop their ability to reproduce) or kill them. 

The Protocol includes applying gentle microcurrents, drinking ionic colloidal silver, using pulsed magnetic fields and drinking ozone water.


Blood Electrification using the Silver PulserBlood electrification

 Blood Electrification disables microbes as they float through the bloodstream. Once the microbes are disabled, they are harmless and the body will eventually excrete them.

Blood purifying using a pulser is totally non-invasive and safely accomplished in about a month with two hours per day exposures as one goes about his normal activities. It handles pathogens while blood flows normally through the electrified forearm's ulnar branch artery from wrist to elbow.

Without medications, invasive techniques or doctors, most pathogens, viruses, microbes, parasites and fungi just tend to disappear.

Blood Electrification current therapy for cleansing the blood

The purpose of pulsing is to attenuate (i.e. disable from multiplying) microbes which flow through the blood. These microbes die without ever being replaced.

Pulsing creates a small electrical current in the blood which will break off a key enzyme on the surface of all microbes which are traveling through the blood. This prevents the microbes from entering human cells and multiplying therein. The microbes are then safely removed from the body. The electrical current can also outright kill bacteria and other pathogenic invaders

Pulsed Magnetic Fields

The purpose of this treatment is to dislodge microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are "hiding" in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc so that they enter the bloodstream and are deactivated by blood electrification. This is a very important part of the protocol for cancer patients, because to supercharge the immune system all of the microbes outside of the cancer cells need to be attenuated!!

This extremely useful tool neutralizes active, hibernating or incubating pathogens being normally processed in lymph, spleen, liver, skin, kidney, stomach muscles and other tissue.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is an antimicrobial nutrient and is perfectly safe for humans, pets and plants. Its main purpose is to kill the microbes in the blood and most of those in hiding.

Silver is widely known to aid many important biological functions

  • Stimulate white blood cell production, thus boosting the body’s ability to attack cancers and pathogenic microorganisms.
  • “Prime” white blood cells to go on the offensive against harmful foreign invaders.
  • Stimulate red blood cell production, thus boosting life-giving oxygenation of the body’s cells, tissues and organs.
  • Stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, also known as RES, which allows the body to purge itself of harmful wastes and toxins.
  • Stimulate the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species), thus helping the body rid itself of toxins and foreign invaders through oxidation.


Drinking Ozonated Water

 Ozone is well-known for killing microbes. Like the colloidal silver, it is designed to kill the microbes in the blood and those in hiding. The main purpose of the ozonated water is to oxegenate & detoxify the body.

The Advertising Standards Authority don't want us telling you about these products. Here is our response.

Hear about the Protocol from Bob Beck himself. Mindblowing information.


The Beck Protocol Handbook

The Bob Beck ProtocolThe Handbook has a wealth of information about The Beck Protocol with articles from Bob Beck's "Take Back Your Power" papers with testimonials on the benefits of The Beck Protocol.

Download pdf




Dr Robert C. Beck on the Exact Means and Methods For Eliminating Infectious Diseases and Cancer

Copyright 1998 Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. January 14, 1998, 

(The complete process is described here in detail to allow anyone to successfully achieve recoveries and insure that the currently proven methods will never again be "lost" or suppressed.)


1. Apply salt-water moistened electrodes over ulnar and radial arteries on opposite insides of same wrist. A Velcro(R) and elastic strap holds electrodes in place. You must electrify blood for one to two hours every day for three weeks. This should not interfere with other activities. As your blood circulates normally, enough will be flowing along this path in forearm until most blood in your body is eventually treated by the 50 to 100 microampere current flowing internally. About 3 to 5 milliamperes is necessary at the skin to overcome resistive losses through tissue before current reaches blood.

2. Drink 8 to 16 oz. of 3 to 5 ppm self-made Silver Colloid daily. Costing under 1 cent per gallon, colloids are shown to easily control opportunistic infections. This gives you a second intact immune system. Colloids can be generated in the same water while ozonizing.

3. Apply your magnetic pulse generator for about 20 minutes daily by positioning and pulsing coil over lymph nodes and internal organs. Pulse each time it recharges at several second intervals. Pulses of high intensity time-varying magnetic flux generate a measurable back e.m.f. in adjacent tissue thus neutralizing any residual germinating and incubating pathogens. Without this step, sufferers have been known to sometimes reinfect themselves. Conventional permanent magnets positively will not work.

4. Drink as much ozonated water as you can comfortably ingest daily. You must generate fresh ozone yourself each time and drink immediately since ozone has a half-life of only a few minutes. All known pathogens and cancers are anaerobic. Ozone aids their elimination by oxidation and speeds your detoxification and recovery with no discomfort. Consuming ozone water flushes neutralized pathogens, wastes and toxins from your system.



Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had a mastectomy on one breast. Eight months ago I knew the cancer was back. Tests confirmed I had 3rd to 4th stage cancer in my bones-skull, one hip, and several ribs. My leg was so bad I had to use a cane and couldn't walk without the aid of a cane. I refused chemotherapy and tamoxifin. Seven months ago, my doctor told me about the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser so I ordered them from SOTA.

I started with only 5 minutes a day with both blood purification and magnetic pulsing. I gradually increased the time until I was able to use them to 2 hours a day. I use a Pulser for 20 minutes a day. I drink one cup of colloidal silver daily, and 1/3 cup of ozonated water daily. After four weeks my sister invited me to go to a polka party with her. She insisted I enter a dance contest with her and we won first prize in the polka competition! I am 66 years old and today I often go for walks-up to 40 minutes-or I at least walk on my treadmill for 25 minutes. I am also taking vitamin and mineral supplements and flax oil daily.

When the nurse at my doctor's office checked my blood using a Darkfield Microscope, she was so amazed at the improvement in my blood she interrupted the doctor while he was with another patient to tell him. A recent bone scan shows the cancer is still present. I'm optimistic as my doctor suggests the bones will be the last stage to clear. I'll keep in touch to let you know my progress.
J.R. of Chicago, IL 

I have been using the blood electrifier for about a year and a half in its capacity as a "theoretical" blood purifier and its ability to make colloidal silver water. Using the blood electrifier and taking colloidal silver water has had the most positive effect on my health of any alternative therapy I have ever tried.

In my early childhood I had contracted double pneumonia and other childhood diseases that put me in the hospital seven times by the time I was two years of age. As a result of this I had weakened respiratory and immune system that allowed constant colds, sore throats, chest ailments and allergies to develop. This continued right up to my adult years. Prescribed medicines didn't seem to work, nor did diet modifications, and herbals and vitamins had marginal positive effects. Some homeopathic formulations were effective in reducing the frequency of my colds but not the severity.

Since using the blood electrifier and taking silver water daily, I have been free of colds and associated respiratory complications for a year and a half. There have been occasions when I feel the early symptoms of something trying to develop but nothing does. I use the blood electrifier two hours daily for one month periods and then one month off. I take silver water twice daily, 1 oz. morning and evening.

I have recently purchased the magnetic pulser to use with the blood electrifier for deeper lymph cleaning. I had a blood analysis done about a year ago using the dark field microscopy method and it showed my blood to be quite clean and free from active virus and fungi, which I attribute to using the blood electrifier. I can only conclude that these theoretical health treatments for blood and lymph cleaning had been responsible for restoring my immune system so that it can properly function. I will continue to take vitamin and mineral supplements since many of the soils that our food is grown on is devoid of the necessary minerals we need for optimum health. A recent hair analysis showed that I was deficient in four minerals necessary for proper health and metabolic function.

N.O. of Regina, SK

How Colloidal Silver kills MSRA

MRSA No Longer Shows Up In My Blood Work!

“I don't remember when I started using colloidal silver but probably over a year ago. I had MRSA. My doctor wanted me to get on antibiotics and I refused because they take a toll on my health. I bought the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and started taking 2 oz. of the colloidal silver 4 times a day for quite a long time.

I discovered I wasn’t using it correctly. I was drinking it. I learned I had to keep it in my mouth and swish it around for a while first, before swallowing it. It started working then.

I am now at the end of MRSA. It didn't show up in my blood the last time I had blood work, and one of those visual blood pictures.

I still take the silver only now am taking 2 oz. morning and 2 oz at night before bed. I’ve also used it topically on my breakouts to help them heal faster.

I think I got the MRSA from my daughter who had a sore on her back for over 2 years. And her daughter got it too, so I am giving silver to them to drink also.

Rose is no longer having break outs. She is my granddaughter. My daughter still has a few breakouts, but not many now. They are on the way to being free of it also.

I also use the silver in my laundry for all of our clothes and towels. And also for disinfecting counter tops. I love how it works.

I give you permission to use this in your book if you like. I do hope it will help others. Just be sure to keep it in your mouth and swish it around.

Another benefit it has done for me is my teeth used to bleed when I brushed but no longer and they seem to be stronger now. Thank you for all you do.” – Paula D., Kissimmee, FL

I began the Beck protocol seeking relief from chronic fatigue brought on by mercury and other metal poisoning and a lifetime of serious allergies. I took a series of chelation treatments to rid myself of the metal poisoning but two years later I still had a major problem with infections and a stubborn case of herpes zoster (shingles). After an initial 22 days using the blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulsing, I felt better than I had in years. Two weeks later, however, my energy level took a dive. I had to take a break from treatments so that I could adjust the dosage of my allergy treatments in order to use both devices. That problem solved, I resumed use of the blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulsing for another month but still had symptoms of the shingles I'd been carrying, I think, since my teens.

Then I decided to use the blood electrifier for longer sessions - from 6 to 14 hours a day, five days a week. I continued this routine for about 3 months and noticed positive changes in my symptoms. I took a break again, but in four weeks I felt tired and symptoms worsened a bit. That was December, and I treated myself with both devices two or three days a week to keep my energy level up for the Holidays. In January and February I resumed 5 day a week treatments and felt better than ever, but my immune system still wasn't ready to fly on its own. At that point, I tried a program known as Neuro Link 2000, an interesting mix of neurolinguistic programming and applied kinesiology. My allergies are now gone, my other symptoms are much improved and my energy level has stabalized. I am very grateful to Dr. Beck for developing the blood electrifier and magnetic pulser because they helped me a great deal and I have recommended their use to others.

B.A. of Penngrove, CA


How I Cured my Breast cancer in 21 days with Bob Beck Protocol

"I cure mine breast cancer in 3 weeks with only Bob Beck protocol and ate only organic living foods. No meat or no dairy, avoid fat accept Fax seed oil.

I stop taking all vit and herbs. I only did Bob Beck and eat only healthy organic living food. I wanted to see if only Bob Beck would cure it in 3 weeks and it did just like they said it would.

Surgery is not needed. My hard lump went back to 100% normal health tissue with only Bob Beck protocol in 3 to 6 months but i only did the protocol for 5 weeks.

Check her urine, is it cloudy? 21 day only on the Bob Beck silver pulsar and colliod silver the pain stopped at 21 days and my urine was all cleared up on the 21 day. the lump when back to soft tissue in 3 to 6 months. No surgery and no chemo, no radiation.

I wore the silver pulsar for 4 hours a day and only ate healthy living organic food. Gerson programs work very good. She tells you what foods to eat and what food not to eat."

From a user on the Bob Beck Forum -

The most reasonable theory of why electrification is so surprisingly effective for so many conditions lies in the now-proven fact that when correctly applied directly into blood the process neutralizes all microbes, pathogens, fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins and coexisting foreign lifeforms and alien invaders and their byproducts.

Distilled Water

Distilled Water for making Colloidal SilverDistilled Water is the purist form of water that you can buy because it is produced by evaporating water and using the distillates. Clear and colourless, free from visible impurities and with a neutral pH.

Distilled Water presents no acidity or alkalinity and will have a low conductivity, perfect when only the purist form of water is required. Almost all of the impurities are removed in the distillation process, whereby the water is boiled, condensed into steam, and the steam collected in a clean container leaving almost all trace elements behind. Deionized water may still contain some impurities but Distilled Water is extremely pure because almost all impurities are removed during the distillation process, leaving you with virtually pure water. Distillation can be quite a slow process and a still is needed for production to take place.



In 1990, two doctors discovered how to kill all viruses, bacteria and fungus in our blood.

Their discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or enhanced by, a microbe (virus, bacteria, and fungus).

Blood ElectrificationThey were granted a U.S Patent proving it, including by the way the end of HIV virus.

For 20 years this information has constantly been suppressed. Within 24 hours of us posting the information online a government agency tried to remove our right to free speech. Why?

One of the greatest inventions in modern medicine is not an exaggeration. Why don't you know about it? Why doesn't your doctor tell you about it?

As this technology eliminates the need for most prescription drugs, and a life free of disease, we urge you to investigate.


What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful natural antibiotic known to man, estimated to kill over 650 different disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast).

Colloidal silver is the result of an electromagnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid, such as water. As tiny particles, the silver can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, it suffocates the bad guys. Faced with colloidal silver instead of antibiotics, these disease causing pathogens don't have the capacity to develop resistant strains.* Besides, antibiotics are effective against only about a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Because no known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver, colloidal silver may be effective in killing more than 650 different disease-causing pathogens.* To top it off, colloidal silver is virtually nontoxic, making it safe for both children and adults, as well as pets. In short, anything bigger than a one-celled organism seems to like it.

Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which colloidal silver has traditionally been used, here is a tiny sample; acne; allergies; appendicitis; arthritis; blood parasites; bubonic plague; burns (it is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive); cholera; cold sores; colitis; cystitis; conjunctivitis; atopic dermatitis (a/k/a cradle cap); diabetes; dysentery; ear "affections"; eczema; gastritis; gonorrhea; impetigo; influenza; hay fever; herpes; leprosy; leukemia; lupus; lymphangitis; Lyme disease; malaria;' meningitis; parasitic infections. both viral and fungal; pneumonia; pneumococci; psoriasis; prostatitis; rheumatism; rhinitis; ringworm; scarlet fever; septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat; salmonella; septicemia; shingles; staph infections; strep infections; syphilis; tonsillitis; toxemia; trench foot; all forms of viruses; warts and stomach ulcers; yeast infections.* In addition, it has veterinary uses, such as for canine parvo virus.* You'll also find colloidal silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted colloidal silver on the leaves and add to soil water.


The Silver Pulser has a gagging order on it

Most of these products have a gagging orders imposed on them by governments at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry who don't want you to know how they can help you.

They achieve this by banning free speech and threatening us.

Currently your health is in the hands of government who steal from us in taxes and give us the NHS as a consequence, or the financial rapists in the form of health insurance.

 Check out an alternative ways to heal yourself :

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