Adya Clarity Mineral Water

Adya Clarity turns water into clear, clean, mineral rich drinking water.

Every drop of water on planet earth is contaminated.



Adya Clarity is clinically proven and tested to be 100% SAFE for human consumption.

  • Removes Flouride from water and your body
  • Removes Heavy Metals from your water and your body including Lead and Mercury
  • Removes Bacteria
  • Removes 4 Types of Ecoli
  • Evaporates Chlorine and other toxic gases from water

Adya takes contaminated water and turns it into clear, clean mineral rich drinking water.


Adjya Clarity Magnetic Sulfate Minerals 2 ozA substantial source of illnesses is a lack of minerals and mostly trace minerals in our diet

Adya Clarity is a high potency mineral water containing calcium, Iron, potassium, magnesium and 82 other trace minerals. 

This filtered water benefits the health in many ways by adding minerals to the body and detoxing the body of poisons including E. coli.

In Adya Clarity a magnetic sulfate Biotite mineral which transforms your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water with toxins removed. Adya Clarity cleans up all the impurities. 

Take it to restaurants and hotels to purify and detox the water.

Adya's Magnetic Sulfate Minerals uses magnetism to attract contaminants and clumping them into larger sized particulates. These clumps are heavier than water and, therefore, become sediment.

Before your eyes, you will see dissolved, invisible contaminants become insoluble and visible! With this ability, even muddy water can now be made clear. 

As Adya Clarity's magnetic minerals are busy clumping impurities together, they are also activating the oxygen within the water to be passed on to the bodyy.

If there is chlorine or bacteria lurking in your water Adya will remove it. No need to know what the substance is, Adya Clarity will purify it.


What can you do to protect yourself from the dangers of fluoride?

Adya Clarity is a mineral solution that efficiently extracts fluoride, as well as toxins and contaminants, from water.  Once the fluoride, toxins, and contaminants are extracted, they become inert substances that are rendered harmless to the body.  Just 5 drops of this mineral solution takes even the filthiest, undrinkable, bacteria-laden, unsafe water full of heavy metals, viruses, or even mercury ... and turns it into clean, fluoride-free water filled with organic, bioavailable, healing minerals.  

What happens if you drink dead water that lacks ionic minerals and oxygen? 

Your body becomes dehydrated, acidic and unable to assimilate the nutrients which we all spend so much time and money on, like vitamins and supplements and any food we eat. Without the right type of minerals our bodies are  unable to receive these supplements/nutrients on a cellular level.

Adya Clarity - Magnetic Sulphate Minerals in ion form

Adya Clarity™ is a Para-magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Japan. A proprietary acid sulfate process is used to perfectly extract the elements from the Black Mica that are made 100% bioavailable. The Mountains in Japan are a one of the known 'PURE' resources of Black Mica.

Functions of Adya Clarity

  • Magnetic Sulfate Minerals provide the elements needed for optimum cellular function
  • Unnecessary elements are bound and eliminated thus creating equilibrium within our body
  • Purify, Microcluster, Structure and Optimize any water by simply adding Adya Clarity™
  • Chlorine, Fluoride, Harmful Chemicals, Plastics, Solvents, Heavy Metals & Pathogens are reduced or eliminated.
  • Provides your body with the full spectrum of elements in soluble form
  • Aids in detoxifying the body by removing cellular waste residues out of all tissues, fluids, glands and organs
  • Activates oxygen and increase assimilation of all nutrients to feed and nourish your cells
  • Stimulates proper and efficient cellular metabolism
  • Provides profound hydration at the cellular level
  • Para-Magnetic sulfate minerals are the key factor to optimize all enzymatic functions in your body

Making Adya Clarity Water

Add 1ml of Adya per 1 litre of water (1 teaspoon per gallon). Let it sit for 30 seconds after stirring in. If you are starting with regular tap water, you may need to add more Adya® depending on how contaminated the water is. You can also let the water sit over night. Keep it in a covered container. Depending on how many contaminants are in the water there will be a gathering of agglutinated mucky substance at the bottom of the container often seen as a peachy color. The visible substance is inert and harmless and you can pour off the top of the container to avoid ingesting the agglutinated material.

Adya Clarity is a dissolved ionic mineral salt. It is a magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted through an acid sulfate process from one of the rarest, and most mineral rich Biotite or Black Mica sources on this planet. Adya Clarity’s™ function is to precipitate dissolved contaminants within water making the toxins harmless.

Adya Clarity has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter.

With over 80 trace minerals in soluble form, Adya Clarity™ also provides the body with one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer. Water today has many challenges. Thankfully, Adya Clarity™ goes to work on your water to improve it in many ways:

1.    Bacteria are eliminated

2.    Impurities are clarified

3.    Oxygen is activated

4.    Frequency and energy are raised

5.    Taste is enhanced    

The result is great tasting water that is mineral rich, hydrating, and detoxifying. This honorable mineral salt is so powerful we have been able to provide 3rd world countries the ability to sanitize and purify some of the most contaminated water on this Earth.



Contaminated Lake Water Cleaned up in 1 hour of applying Adya Clarity™, contaminats sunk to the bottom of the container and are inactive:

AFTER Adya Clarity™


1 Hour AFTER applying 1.5 teaspoons of Adya Clarity™, water is completely clear:

Adya Clarity's function is to eliminate dissolved contaminants within your water making the toxins harmless.

Adya Clarity has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter. With over 100 trace minerals in soluble form, Adya Clarity also provides the body with one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer.


Adya Clarity™ is formulated to be mixed into water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water. Adya Clarity™ minerals also work to purify the water. Dissolved contaminants which exist in the water become visible. They then sink to the bottom of the glass or container and never mix back into the water. In other words, while in this water, they can never dissolve again. In distilled water there should be no dissolved contaminants, therefore, there should be no precipitation. Unfortunately, almost all other waters such as tap, rivers, lakes, ponds, spring and even most bottled waters show signs of dissolved contaminants. Adya clarity™ is amazing at revealing contamination along with making the water safer, cleaner, and healthier to drink. In this way, Adya Clarity™ is used to clean-up the impurities in water and as an outstanding source for a complete matrix of minerals.

Adya Clarity Magnetic Sulfate MineralsMaking Adya Clarity™ Water

Add 1 teaspoon of Adya® to one gallon of purified water. Let it sit for 30 seconds after stirring in. If you are starting with regular tap water, you may need to add more Adya® depending on how contaminated the water is. You can also let the water sit over night. Keep it in an uncovered container.

Depending on how many contaminants are in the water – there will be a gathering of agglutinated mucky substance at the bottom of the container often seen as a peachy color. The visible substance is inert and harmless and you can pour off the top of the container to avoid ingesting the agglutinated material.



Not all minerals are created equally. If minerals are not in the correct form, they can build up to toxic levels in the body’s tissues and joints. What form of minerals does the body absorb most readily and most efficiently—ionic minerals.

The key to good minerals is good relationships between the combined elements. Our ionic mineral solution will always seek out the best combinations. If minerals are combined in a less than optimum way, the mineral bond can be easily broken. Adya Clarity™ provides one of the most stable combinations of minerals available. When it encounters “bad” mineral marriages, these marriages are broken up and better relationships are formed. The stable ionic sulfate minerals force unstable mineral marriages to divorce and recombine. An example of this is what happens to the sodium fluoride in water.

The sodium fluoride bond is reconfigured into calcium fluoride, an insoluble ionic compound. Calcium fluoride appears naturally in our teeth, bones, underground water, and seawater. On the other hand, sodium fluoride does not. The newly formed bonds of calcium fluoride also reduce in half the overall fluoride content of the water. Sulfate ionic minerals are also known to support enzymatic functions throughout the body. Minerals are needed to activate the enzymes in our body. When the body is supplied with minerals, the necessary enzymatic functions can activate. Unfortunately, many studies have shown that our food and water do not provide us with the necessary minerals. Adya Clarity™ water can provide your body with dissolved minerals that are bio-available.


The cloudiness that instantly occurs when you add Adya Clarity™ to your water is actually the precipitation of the contaminants that had existed in your water. Through the power of the minerals, those elements that were dissolved in your water have become undissolved. The powerful magnetic forces of the minerals have attracted contaminants and clumped them into visible particles that can now fall out of solution. These clumps of contaminants are heavier than water and are now free to become sediment. The contaminants are rendered harmless.

The water molecule clusters have been reduced by half their size. As a smaller water cluster, the contaminants have less space upon which to attach themselves to the water. The contaminants are forced to fall out of solution. Furthermore, the precipitated contaminants will never dissolve back into the water. Amazing, but you can see the water become pure right before your eyes!


Our product demonstrates the different functions of minerals in water. As can be observed in Nature, minerals clean up our Earth and fortify our eco-systems.



Add the minerals to the water and instantly, a process begins in which oxygen in the water is changed into Activated Oxygen.

Activated Oxygen burns up ”invisible” contaminants and makes them into “visible” and “water insoluble” contaminants. This process is called Deposition.

The contaminants that were invisible are made visible.


The contaminants which have been made visible through the deposition process now go through another process – agglutination.

Agglutination is the gathering up of the contaminants. Once again, this occurs because of the minerals. The minerals in Adya Clarity™ absorb and unite the contaminants through an electron ion function. The magnetic nature of the minerals causes the contaminants from the deposition process to gather up and grow in mass.

The ionic charge within the minerals forces the cluster of the water molecule to be reduced by half, and the contaminants fall out of solution.



Another process occurring within the water is the optimization of minerals. For this process we can use an analogy of relationships. Minerals are either combined into strong or weak relationships. When minerals are in weak relationships, they are easily broken up. But when minerals are in strong relationships, they remain together. 
Adya Clarity™ minerals are in sulfate ionic form. This is a very strong relationship for minerals.

Sulfur when mixed with minerals creates amino acids in living organisms.

When added to water, it combines with minerals that are in the water to force the breakup of weak mineral relationships.

For example, if sodium fluoride is present in water, the Adya Clarity™ minerals will rearrange the molecules into calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride naturally occurs in the Earth’s waterways and within our bodies.

Likewise, the water now contains an amazing full spectrum of over 80 trace minerals.


It has been well know in the water industry that enhancing water with minerals enhances taste. Like all good water that has the best minerals, Adya Clarity™ water tastes great. Adya® minerals also ensure activated oxygen in the water. Our customers also find that when they combine their reverse osmosis or highly filtered water with Adya Clarity™ and then run their water through our filtration system, the water is more balanced and tastes refreshing.


Adya Clarity™ is sourced from Mica. In nature, Mica is required for two things: to clean-up our Earth of toxins and to restore the Earth to balance. This process is happening continuously in our Oceans and fresh bodies of water. In this way, Mica is the source of minerals for our waterways which makes Mica one of the most important resources for having clean water. Mica is also known to be the source of some of the best mineral formations such as zeolites, fulvic acid, ocean salt, etc. Adya Clarity™ is sourced from one of the rarest forms of Black Mica.


• Eliminates anaerobic bacteria

• Eliminates chlorine and sodium fluoride

• Reduces heavy metals such as mercury and lead

• Reduces THM’s and other carbon-based wastes

Other uses are:

• Water for Animals

• Water for Cooking

• Water for Plants

• Agricultural production

• Aquaculture 

Adya is good for circulation, heart health, hypertension, candida, diabetes.

User Testimonials

Arthur van Eldik - 52 years old - Amsterdam - Netherlands

I discovered recently that I have Heppatitus C. Blood tests at the hospital showed that I did not have a healthy liver at all, instead of having their 35 /40 points which is considered a healthy liver in medical terms - I was in the 3850 points. Amazing I was still alive & the hospital wanted to operate immediately & also put me on the light Chemo-therapy. OOOH my goodness.

I totally refused this & decided to take things into my own hands. I Purchased a Bio Cleanse machine with Rife & Schumann frequencies & started detoxing myself with this footbath.

THANK GOODNESS I also discovered Adya Clarity™ & started doing my footbaths with this amazing water in it & of course taking my super shots everyday & drinking almost nothing other then Adya Clarity™.

NOW you will not believe - only 3 months later I have been back for my blood tests & the specialists are gob-smacked as they do not understand why I have gotten soo much better by more than 1000% (almost recovered). My points have gone down from the 3850 to 350 - this is INCREADIBLE!!!

All I can say is Adya Clarity™ has saved my life. kindest regards, Arthur

Testimonial from Terry Brown of Orange County, CA

3 weeks after taking super shots of Adya Clarity™, I noticed that I had much more energy. I had been bothered with a long history of chronic fatigue, now I have not felt any CF in almost three months! I have tried many things and most have helped, but nothing has worked for me as well as Adya. I believe this is a very valuable product. It has been a pleasure to learn from and purchase Adya clarity™ from Nissim and this site.

Joe of Colorado says...

I just wanted to say "THIS IS A GREAT SYSTEM!"  I used to take antiacids on a daily basis.  But, now I have no need for them.  My heartburn is gone!  I also live in Colorado which has a very dry climate.  I would use moisturizing lotion a couple times a week because my skin would dry out so quickly, but now I have no need for moisturizers.  This is all in just a few weeks!  Thanks Adya!  I am going to eat some pizza and go to be now...with no worries of waking up in the middle of the night to pop a few rolaids!

Rose of Burlington, Michigan writes...

"I have been drinking water treated with Adya Mineral Solution for nearly two years.  Fortunately, I don't suffer from disease or illness that I am aware, but my I did suffer from constant bloating, constipation, sinus migraines and allergies, troubled sleep, and sever fatigue associated with anemia.  After only 2 days of drinking at least 1/2 gallon of water each day treated with Adya minerals the constipation completely disappeared and has not returned as I continue to drink the water each day.  Bloating disappeared along with the constipation.  Within a month I was no longer fatigued nor anemic (which eliminated taking those nasty iron pills.)  Additionally I have not suffered from sinus migraines and my spring and fall allergy symptoms are nearly non-existent.  My entire family drinks water treated with Adya minerals.  My children no longer take juice boxes in their lunches...they choose water and they choose it on their own.  More importantly, colds and flues are less frequent and when a member of the family does get a cold the symptoms only last for a few days versus a week or two.

There are several reports about Adya Clarity including:

- Two chlorine reduction tests – demonstrate that Adya removes chlorine from water.

- Anti-bacterial test report – demonstrates that Adya kills 4 types of e-coli.

- University of Wisconsin lab test – demonstrates that Adya dramatically reduces lead and mercury, along with other heavy metals.

- “Water and Wastewater Treatment using Rox Solution” report - demonstrates Adya’s ability to greatly reduce the oxygen demand in water, greatly reduce the overall turbidity caused from waste products, greatly reduce heavy metals (lead completely disappears) and greatly reduce carbon wastes.  In this report there are three different tests, based on three levels of sewage water from least contaminated to heavily contaminated and demonstrations that Adya is effective for all three situations.

- Envirotek Labs Chromium Report – this report demonstrates conversion of hexavalent chromium-6 to inert chromium-3, according to NSF standards, which is two times the legal limit.  There was a 100% conversion of this chemical using Adya.  This chemical is more dangerous than fluoride and there are studies that show this is in the water of 50 different cities, including Chicago.

- Thermarox Surgical Cleanliness Report – demonstrates that Adya, at a certain concentration level, has the ability to surgically clean.

- Science Diet Food Chemistry Report – this report from the University of Taiwan demonstrates that using Thermarox (the substance from which Adya is made), can provide stronger super germination of seeds.


An interesting testimonial


A luxurious testimonial


Adya has been proven to effectively remove or reduce the following drinking water contaminants:

Agricultural Chemicals                                   
Disinfectants & Disinfection Byproducts
Heavy Metals
Industrial Chemicals
Pharmaceuticals & Basic Drugs

The 2 oz. dropper bottle of Adya Clarity, Magnetic Ionic Minerals is great to carry along with you. Transforms approximately 15 gallons of water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water.
Add 5 – 10 drops to 8 ounces of water and stir.

The 16 oz. Adya Clarity, Magnetic Ionic Minerals transforms approximately 120 -150 gallons of water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water.
Add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water and stir.

The 32 oz. Adya Clarity, Magnetic Ionic Minerals transforms approximately 240-300 gallons of water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water.
Add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water and stir.


Iron ......................................1,334.0
Magnesium .............................451.0
Potassium ...............................271.0
Calcium ....................................45.0
Phosphorus ...............................30.5
Manganese ...............................21.6
Sodium .....................................16.3
Zinc ...........................................2.1

Additionally contains trace amounts of aluminum, boron, barium, beryllium, cobalt, chromium, copper, nickel, silver and up to 100 trace minerals. 

More Questions

1. Where is the source material mined?
South of Japan, volcanic region

2. Where is it imported from?

3. Where is it manufactured?
South of Japan, volcanic region

4. Is there a radiation certificate?
Yes, here it is

5. What is the Canadian Approval of Adya specifially for?
Read it here

6. Are their any contraindications?
Here is the Material Safety Data Sheet

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