USB Air Purifier for Computer

USB Air Purifier Ioniser

Fresh Air at your Computer

USB plug based Air Purifier Ionizer

The USB Air Purifier Ioniser will substantially improve the air quality around the computer and its user, purifying the air and killing bacteria.

Easy to use, just plug the Ionizer into the USB port on a PC.

USB Air Purifer Ioniser

The Ionizer discharges negative ions to absorb second-hand smoke, odors, clean airborne dust, eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses.

Comes with USB lead can be put directly into a computer USB port.

Corona discharge purifies the ambient air around the computer.

Eliminates static and reduces EMI.USB Air Purifier Ioniser

Highly effective in removing odours and dust

Helps boost your energy and mood

Attracts airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, pet dander and other small particles.

The USB Air Ionizer uses piezoelectric ceramic transfer technology to produce a high negative ion concentration but with very low ozone content. Lightweight.

The ideal air purifier and ionizer for the home or office.

The USB Air Purifier Ionizer utilizes a super thin piezoelectric transformer as its core component. This creates a corona discharge by converting and stepping up the input voltage thereby inducing a high level stream discharge of negative ions.

High Levels of Ions Are desirable. They're naturally found in places like the beach, in the mountains, in the country, in pine forests, near waterfalls, and many other places that people like to be -- all the places that we feel good after we visit them.

How Negative Ions Clean the Air

Negative ions freshen and purify the air by causing allergens such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and animal dander floating in the air to be attracted to and stick to each other, forming clumps of particles that become heavy enough so that gravity can pull them down to the floor, where they can be hoovered up, rather than staying in suspension where they can be breathed in and cause allergic reactions.

Depression & Mood

Negative ions also have been shown to help lift mood, alleviate depression and seasonal affective disorder (winter depression or SAD). There is even a patent by a prominent researcher and institution for the treatment of depression with negative ions.

Because there is no fan (like in filter-type air filters or room air purifiers), the dust on floors and tables is not stirred up, and so the air in a room with a negative ionizer in use can become exceedingly free of dust and pollen.

Negative ionization of the air does a superb job of eliminating most tiny particles that float in the air. They are normally suspended in the air (even when the air in the room seems calm) just by the normal convective air currents. That is the reason they can help people with allergies: they help remove dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens from the air. Of course, if you have a window open on a windy day and the pollen is blowing in, no negative ionizer will clear the air quickly enough to help anyone.

Ionized room air does not have to pass through a filter or be circulated by a fan to be cleaned. The negative ions generated by the ionizer emanate from the unit throughout the room and cause dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, etc. to clump together and drop out of the air. In a filter-type purifier with a fan or blower, only the air that goes through the filter can be cleaned. And even then, the tiniest particles still can flow through the filter.

Technical Specifications for the Air Purifier Ionizer

Anion output: 1.0x10^6pcs/cm3
Ozone output: 0.04ppm/cm3

Available area: 9sqm

Power consumption:≤ 0.3W

Power source: DC5V

Can be put directly into a USB port of computer
Consistently releases negative ions
Highly effective in removing odors and dust
Attracts airborne allergens like pollen;
Eliminates static and reduces EMI
Helps boost your energy and mood
Unique design of the rotatable cover well protects USB lead.
Dimensions: 89 x 20 x 21 mm
Weight: 23g

Ion levels in different environments

Ioniser level
Ion Density 100,000 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: ****
Ioniser level
Ion Density 60,000 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: ***
Ioniser level
Ion Density 10,000 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: **
Ioniser level
Ion Density 600 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: *
Ioniser level
Ion Density 300 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: *
Ioniser level
Ion Density 100 ions per cc.
Comfort Level: *
An office has probably the worst ion balance you can find


Product Price Quantity
USB Air Purifier Ioniser
£20 inc. VAT

Customer Reviews of USB Air Purifier for Computer

Mr H Hopking -
Excellent value. I have it in my car.
Yes it definitely improved the air for me.
Mr S yong -
Bargain for price! works great!
Mrs D creed -
Both ionisers are being used in Spain and both the recipients are very pleased with them

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