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 Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter for Alkaline Water


Alkaline Water Juag and Filter

Now since the introduction of the Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter everyone can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline ionized water conveniently and cost effectively without electrical or plumbing connections. Thanks to advances in the use of natural bioceramics you can get the alkalising, energising and detoxifying benefits of healthy alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water is the simplest thing everyone can do to improve and maintain their health.


The Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Jug filters and alkalises your tap water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant properties. The alkaline antioxidant filter uses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flows through it. The reaction between the minerals and the water results in an increase in active hydrogen in the water. This active hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant and is increasingly being regarded as having significant health benefits. Filtration through the Biocera alkaline jug filter changes the water that passes through it in four different ways by:


  1. Increasing the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5
  2. Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -100mV and -250mV.
  3. Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body.
  4. Putting into the water beneficial alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

The jug has a capacity of 1.8 litres of filtered water, suitable to fit most refrigerator doors. The water filter improves the quality of tap water and provides clear, clean water to be used for tea, coffee, cooking and for drinking water . In addition to creating high alkaline antioxidant water the alkaline jug filter cartridge reduces heavy metals, chlorine and dissolved organics such as pesticides.

Alkaline Water Jug increases the pH of tap water


Composition of the Alkaline Jug filters:

Coarse particle pre filter stopping visible particles from entering the filter bed.

Fine polypropylene mesh pre-filter preventing any small particles or sediment from entering into the filter media, thus clogging the filter media.

Activated carbon granules absorbing Chlorine and organic compounds such as Benzene (if present in your water).

Antioxidant balls decrease the Oxidation/ Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water giving the water antioxidant properties.

Far Infra Red ceramic balls contain 10 different types of minerals. They emit beneficial energy into the water and also reduce any residual heavy metals.

Anti bacterial ceramic balls prevent the growth of bacteria in the filter cartridge.

Final poly propylene filtration to stop any fine particulate from coming through the filter.

Each alkaline filter cartridge will last for approx 6 to 8 weeks (250+ litres of filtered water ) before requiring replacement. If there is high levels of hardness then the cartridges may require replacement more frequently.


The Biocera alkaline antioxidant Jug provides a cost effective way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered alkaline antioxidant water.

The Alkaline Jug Filter functions very differently from standard jug filters.

The Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter is similar in appearance to most commonly used jug filters but in operation it is quite different. If you filter tap water through an ordinary jug filter the water after filtration will typically have a pH of 5.5 (acidic). They are designed to filter out dissolved contaminants and remove hardness. When you filter the water through the alkaline jug filter the pH will typically be in the order of 9.0 to 9.5. (alkaline) The oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of the water will also be beneficially changed. With tap water in the UK that is typically in the order of 150 to 300mV. (with little change after ordinary filtration). After passing through the alkaline jug filter this typically changes to between -100mV and -200mV, which is what gives the water antioxidant properties.


The special natural ceramic minerals in the alkaline jug filter cartridge are supplied by Biocera, one of the foremost companies in natural ceramic technology. They were the first company to have received NSF approval for their ceramic balls. This is the leading international approval certification for product safety.





Features of the Biocera Alkaline Filter:

  • Modern design
  • "Smart fill" lid enables refilling without removing the lid
  • Insert in lid for easy handling
  • Easy filling from tap
  • Slide protection/rubber insert in the jug bottom
  • Cushioned handle
  • Spout cover
  • Exchange indicator gives you the indication as to when to change the filter Cartridge

Alkaline Water Jug filter storage information:

  • wash in warm water using a mild detergent
  • protect from sunlight
  • keep in temperature from 33 to 122 F
  • always keep filter in contact with water
  • for best results, change filter cartridge once a month
  • expiration date : 5 years after date of purchase

 Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Water Jug and filter

Alkaline Water Jug FilterThe Biocera Antioxidant Filter decrease the Oxygen Reduction Potential ORP and makes the water Antioxidant.

  • The Antioxidant Alkaline water tastes fresh and clean.
  • Smaller water cluster increases its vitality.

NMR-Analysis (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) show that normal tap water has a cluster size of about 100 to 130 (Hz) H2O Molecules. After passing through the Antioxidant filter the cluster size is reduced to 50 to 60 (Hz) H2O Molecules


 Alkaline Jug Filter

  1 Abundant Hydrogen(H2) to remove active oxidant 
  2  If water pass through Biocera filter, pH value changes into alkaline water 
  3 Small water cluster is absorbed into human body quickly. So, it helps to dissolve and excrete body wastes from human body(Prevention of Constipation) 
  4 Supply minerals to help metabolism 
  5 Improve Water taste.   

Besides that, BiOCERA is also anti-aging. Try this experiment on your own. Peel an apple, cut it in half and place it in a cup of R.O water and the other half in BiOCERA Antioxidant alkaline water. After ten minutes, you'll see the apple in the R.O water turn brown and soft. However the apple in BiOCERA remains the same.  

This also goes to prove that BiOCERA is a great antioxidant agent. It helps disarms free radicals from the acidic food that we consume daily.  

Alkaline water eliminates smoke
BiOCERA helps eliminate smoke effectively too.

Add a drop of pH tester into BiOCERA water and the water will turn into blue (alkaline). Puff smoke into the cup and the water will turn to yellow (acidic). Then add BiOCERA water into the cup and the water turns to blue again. From this, it shows that BiOCERA water is able to neutralize the toxins from the smoke and free radicals. Free radicals is the factor of aging, the above shows that BiOCERA neutralized the acidity from the smoke which promotes free radicals and eventually causes aging.   

Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Water Jug and Filter

Daily consumption of BiOCERA water helps cleanse the blood, removes toxins trapped in the lungs. It helps reduce phlegm, encourage soothe breathing and you won't feel restless.  

Diminish the side effects of alcohol 
TRY THIS! Add a drop pf pH tester into a cup of white wine. The wine turns to red (highly acidic). Pour in BiOCERA water and watch is neutralize it. It is now blue in color (alkaline). This proves that Bio cure is able to neutralize even a strong acidic pH condition.   
A highly acidic drink such as white wine can do much harm to our blood. For example high blood pressure, cardiovascular system diseases and other related diseases.


Product Price Quantity
Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Jug
£57 inc. VAT
Pack of 3 Biocera Alkaline Water Cartridges
£45.75 inc. VAT

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