Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug

2 for 1 SaleThe Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug turns tap water into clean alkaline water for tea, coffee, cooking and tasty drinking water.


 Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug


Alkaline water flushes toxins, disarms free radicals and restores alkalinity in your body.

Yeasts, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens cannot survive in an alkaline body - they all need an acidic environment to survive.

Alkaline Water is the best defence against acid waste build up in our bodies.

The Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug will help you maintain an optimum pH balance.


The Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug increases the pH level of your tap water to between 8.5 pH and 10.0 pH.

ANTIOXIDANT ALKALINE WATER can restore proper alkaline pH in the body within weeks.

The Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug filter helps avoid scale built-up in household appliances, i.e. coffee machines and irons.

The Neptune Alkaline Water Jug reduces heavy metals, such as lead, copper, and zinc, as well as chlorine, water hardness, organic pollution and pesticides.

The Neptune Alkaline Water Jug has a capacity of 3.5 litres of filtered water.

Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug with High pH

 Alkaline Water Jug Increases pH

 Alkaline Water Jug reduces ORP

 Alkaline Water Jug helps lower body acidity

 Alkaline Water Jug makes anti-oxidant water

 Alkaline Water disarms free radicals

 Alkaline Water reduces Limescale


Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug for making Alkaline Water



Many of us live in hard water areas. Very hard water is considered 300 ppm or more.

Hard water is caused by rain water picking up hard minerals as it percolates through rocks such as chalk and limestone. The amount of mineral deposits in the water and therefore the hardness of the water will depend on which area you live in.

In the home the results of hard water is the limescale deposits that it leaves behind.  

Alkaline Water Filter designed for hard water areas

The Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug acts as a water treatment plant, working as a filter and dispenser at the same time. It filters heavy metal like lead and copper and organic compounds like pesticides.

The Alkaline Water Jug filter has been specially designed to work in hard water areas. 

Alkaline Water is source of extra electrons for the body. Drinking acidic water takes electrons from your cells and damages them. Most tap and bottled water is an electron stealer.


ORP of Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP, is a measurement that indicates the degree to which a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing another substance.   ORP is measured in millivolts (mv) using an ORP meter. 

A positive ORP reading indicates that a substance is an oxidizing agent.  The higher the reading, the more oxidizing it is.  As such, a substance with an ORP reading of +400 mv is 4 times more oxidizing than a substance with an ORP reading of +100 mv. 

A negative ORP reading indicates that a substance is a reducing agent.  The lower the reading, the more anti-oxidizing it is.  A substance with an ORP reading of -400 mv is 4 times more anti-oxidizing than a substance with an ORP reading of -100 mv. 

Most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive. 

We tested our hard tap water which has a positive ORP of almost +500 mVolts. This means that every time we drink tap water it takes electrons from our body. The water is "dead" and actually steals electrical energy from us.

After filtering the water through the Neptune Alkaline Water Jug the ORP was a negative -484 mV and consequently is a donor of electrons to the body.


Alkaline Water Drink

Drink Alkaline Water

The easiest way to obtain antioxidants for our body is by drinking it, which is easily accessible and convenient way. The ideal water for the human body should also be slightly alkaline.

pH and Voltage

pH stands for "Potential Hydrogen" and is a measurment of the amount of acid or alkalinity. pH is also a measure of voltage. A pH of 0 is the same as +400 mVolts. A pH of 14 is the same as -400 mVolts.

A normal healthy cell is slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.35 or -20 mVolts. Voltage is stored in the cell membrane to give them the energy to work.

Alkaline Water contains voltage for your cells to operate normally.


Ionised Alkaline Water

IONISED ALKALINE WATER has a negative electrical charge and alkaline characteristics. It is also known as living water. Alkaline water is soft, odourless and tastes like rain. This water stimulates vital energy and recovery of the body, reduces its acidity and improves health if used daily.

The properties of ionized water are characterized by two values: ORP - oxidation-reduction potential and pH hydrogen ion value. ORP is characterized by positive or negative charges (mV) of ionized water.

The negative ORP created by ionised alkaline water lasts a relatively short period of time. After 24 hours the negative ORP value becomes practically zero or slightly positive. 

Therefore, ionised alkaline water should be as fresh as possible, and consumed within 12 hours of making it.



Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug for increasing the pH of water

How does drinking alkaline water reduce acidity?

When we drink alkaline water the pH value in the stomach goes up. So the stomach wall secretes hydrochloric acid to restore the stomach pH.

The by-product of making hydrocholoric acid is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3), which goes into the blood stream.

These bicarbonates are the alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood; they dissolve solid acid wastes into liquid form. As we age, these alkaline buffers get low causing acidosis.

Why do the free radicals need to be removed from our bodies?

A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons, so it steals them from a cell.

Free radicals cause irreversible cell damadge and can leave your body vulnerable to advanced aging, cancer and chronic disease. So if you want to maintain more youth and health, remove the free radicals from your body by drinking alkaline anitoxident water.

Drinking alkaline water has these benefits: 

slow down aging, increase energy, promote weightloss, support wellness, hydrate and detoxify, boost mental clarity and, most important... scavenge up free radicals! 

Below here are the three MAIN benefits of the antioxidant alkaline water:

  1. Alkaline water contains extra electrons. This means it will give away the extra electrons in order to stabalise the free radical. Free radical which has only one electron receives an electron from antioxidant turns into a healthy atom (now that it has two electrons). This means that the healthy cells in our body will not be damaged. It is what our body needs to stay healthy.
  2. Scientists have found that healthy people have systems that are alkaline.
  3. An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease but no disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years,

Alkaline WaterRaising the pH level of your body will assist your immune system to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi, and degenerative illnesses like:


cancer, diabetes, cirrhosis, pancreatis, nephrosis, colds, flu, chronic fatigue, indigestion, leg cramps, high blood pressure, poor circulation, migraines , obesity, osteoporosis, psoriasis, arthritis, etc.

Alkaline pH condition of body fluids are able to absorb oxygen better than acidic pH over 100 times.

Your pH level is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of your body. An alkaline state keeps the immune system strong and allows friendly bacteria to thrive in your gut.

When you alkalize the body and your pH level is at least 7.0, you dump toxins much more effectively! According to several prominent scientists, degenerative diseases cannot gain foothold in an alkaline environment; when you alkalize the body, weight and health return to normal.



Other Benefits of drinking Alkaline Water:


 Alkaline Water flushes toxins and acid waste

 Alkaline Water eliminates Free Radicals

 Alkaline Water restores proper alkaline pH in our body

 Alkaline Water increases stable oxygen in our body

 Alkaline Water enhances delivery of nutrients

 Alkaline Water improves the taste of food and drinks


Download the Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug Instructions

Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug Facts

1. body material: AS

2. Lid and handle material: ABS

3.Cartridge housing material:PP

4. Inside material: Active carbon, ion exchange resin



Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug box


The Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug comes in a box with 1 Alkaline Filter. The filter will last for between 200 - 300 litres of water or approximately 6 weeks. This varies due to the quality and quantity of water used.

Cartridges currently out of stock until further notice
Product Price Quantity
2 Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jugs - Each Jug includes 1 Filter
£29 inc. VAT

Customer Reviews of Neptune Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Jillian Edwards -
Have been using for approx 3 years and family all now use them. These two will go with grandsons off to uni in Sept. Can't praise highly enough.
Jillian Edwards -
Have been using for approx 3 years and family all now use them. These two will go to grand
f opie -
I have told our group for Liver disease, that I have now been on the water for 4 mths now, and my blood test has come back A1. My consultant is so very pleased. I was in need of a Liver transplant... Read
LS, Manchester -
Thank you for your excellent telephone support I am happy to report that my jug is working perfectly and the water tastes great, it is amazing to think that consuming alkaline water is so helpful ... Read
A Patel -
Delighted with the neptune jug, it is excellent at dealing with London water and at half the price of other jugs on the market i am very impressed at the high pH. Please could you ship direct to ... Read

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