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Do you have pains?
Do you suffer from back ache?

The Acupressure Mat relieves aches and pains, and help's the body to get a good nights sleep.


The Acupressure Mat is a very effective tool to release tension. It enhances blood circulation and oxygen intake. The Acupressure Mat eases back pain and makes you feel calm and relaxed.

The Ultimate Acupressure Mat can be used when energy levels are low i.e. When stressed or during depression.

During the treatment thousands of points in the body get activated, releasing the bodies natural Endorphins and Oxytocin resulting in a calm, relaxed feeling.

Watch the following video for the benefits of using an Acupressure Mat

What is an Acupressure Mat?

The mat is similar to a Bed of Nails that has been used for thousands of years in India. The bed of nails has been used in India for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga. It works in a similar way to acupuncture, the pressure of the nails may help to release endorphins which is a natural drug that makes you feel good and energised. Endorphins are known to provide a sense of joy, energy and can also help with painrelief. Endorphins also stimulate the release of oxytocin which helps you to feel calm and relaxed.

The Acupressure Mat help's to alleviate:

  • Headaches
  • Feelings of stress
  • Constipation
  • Muscle Aches
  • Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Tiredness
  • Breaking down cellulite

Over 500,000 sold in Sweden

Insomnia is greatly relieved by sleeping on the mat

The Acupressure Mat measures 68cm x 42cm. Its made of 100% cotton and the spiked flowers are made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic.

Acupressure Mat for Pain Relief

How to Use the Acupressure Mat:

For best results use daily.
Put your mat on the floor or on your bed.
Lie on your back with the acupressure mat under you for 10-20 minutes.

New users may wish to start with a shorter time until body becomes used to the nails and those with sensitive skin may wish to place a light cloth over the nails or use a T-Shirt when using the mat.

The mat may be used for longer periods if desired.

Sensations and results may vary from person to person.

Is the Acupressure Mat painful?

When your back is in contact with thousands of acupressure points you will naturally experience some level of pain. Initially, this may be an uncomfortable feeling. However, it will soon be replaced by a very comfortable state of natural high. It is simply a result of your natural pain relievers (Endorphins) being circulated into your blood stream. Having this chemical released into your body can decrease different kinds of pain, and cause feelings of Euphoria. Additionally staying on the mat for over 10 minutes may put you into deep relaxation, which is a meditative state of mind where long-term tension can be released.

Cleaning: You can clean the Acupressure Mat with hot water (30C). Remove the foam rubber pad. Use detergent or soap and wash it by hand. Let the mat drip-dry. 

The Acupressure Mat is right for anyone that wants to have more energy! If you are stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete rest, then the Acupressure Mat could be the thing for you.

What happens in the body when you use an Acupressure Mat? 

10 – 15 minutes – peptide hormones start to flow through the whole body.

20 – 30 minutes – a significant reduction of the stress and pain levels in the body.

30 – 40 minutes – a significant easing of pain and increased activity ability.


 Acupressure Mat for pain relief

Is the Acupressure Mat suitable for everyone?

Yes Everyone. It provides the greatest impact on you if you are stressed oiut, sleep poorly, have low energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete sleep / rest to get more daily energy.

What happens when you lie on the Acupressure Mat?

The blood circulation and oxygen flow increases and blood pressure is reduced and pain signals sent to the brain releases the body’s “feel-good” hormones. The body’s endorphins and oxytocins increase and give a relaxing effect which makes the acupressure mat suitable if you have difficulty sleeping. You gain energy, alertness, lower blood pressure and increased wellbeing. Many testify to strong pain relief and better sleep at night.

Is the Acupressure Mat suitable for children?

Yes, children will experience the same benefits as adults and the mat can be used before bedtime to relax. Children with sensitive skin may want to wear thin clothing.

How will the Acupressure Mat effect my skin?

Small pits on the skin will occur after using the acupressure mat but they usually disappear after a few hours or in rare cases after a few days. The redness that occurs is due to the increased blood circulation and is a positive effect of the acupressure mat’s calibrated pressure points.

The Accupressure Mat can be used on the feet and hands and any body parts.

The back is the body’s largest single treatment area, and the peptide hormones that are released affect the entire body. Neck and shoulder areas can also be point treated to good effect.

By placing a pillow under the mat you can treat other areas such as the neck and sholders. 

Is it dangerous to lie on the acupressure mat for more than 40 minutes?

No, however the marks on your back may be deeper and last longer. Many people fall asleep on the acupressure mat.

Acupressure Mat Tips
The first time you are about to use the Acupressure Mat put it on a soft place, for example your bed or a sofa. Then lay down carefully on your back. As you start getting used to the Acupressure Mat, you may find it helpful to put a t-shirt or a thin fabric over the mat. Place a cushion under your head to make yourself more comfortable.

For the first few minutes you may experience a burning sensation which will then turn into a comfortable feeling as the circulation of the blood increases.

When starting to use the Acupressure Mat we suggest you lie on it for around 10 minutes to see how your body reacts to the mat. When you feel comfortable you can gradually increase the time you use the Acupressure Mat during the next two weeks until you reach approximately 20-45 minutes. Should you fall asleep it’s fine to lie on it for longer.

Some people use the mat everyday while others just a few times a week, it is your choice. Pay attention to your body’s responses and adjust your usage accordingly.

After using the Acupressure Mat, you should drink a glass of water in order to help the body recover.

Acupressure, an ancient healing art, uses pressure to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they help relax muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force to aid healing. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points, but acupuncture employs needles, while acupressure uses the gentle but firm pressure of the hands or feet, or use the blunt spikes of acupressure balls or mats.

Pain Relief using the Acupressure Mat

Acupressure MatThe Acupressure Mat was initially designed to be used during meditation and has a number of benefits for general wellbeing. The acupressure mat is covered with over 6000 points disguised as little lotus flowers, offering an even greater number of acupressure points than the traditional Indian bed of nails. It is the sheer number of these stimulating acupressure points that make the mat so effective in deepening the meditative experience and in relieving a variety of common ailments.

The Acupressure mat can help alleviate the symptoms of many ailments that people often resign themselves to living with including backache, sciatica, muscular tension, joint pain, hip pain, bursitis, arthritis, difficulty sleeping, migraine, high stress levels, lethargy and depression.

To use the mat for overall wellbeing, lie on it daily for around 20 minutes. For targeted pain relief, the affected area should be in contact with the mat for however long is comfortable. Start with five minute sessions and build up to 20 minutes or more. For example, if you have a pain in your hip that stops you from getting off to sleep at night, go to bed and lie on the affected side ensuring the entire hip area is in contact with the acupressure mat.

You may feel tingling sensations, pins and needles or a rush of warmth as stagnant energy begins to flow through the congested area, in this case the hip. Gradually you will feel the warmth spreading down your leg and across your back until a warm, pulsing sensation is felt from your fingers to your toes.

These sensations indicate that the painful area is decongesting, relaxing the surrounding muscles and ultimately relieving the pain. Regular use can prevent the pain from occurring enabling you to maintain a pain free state throughout the day. The possibilities here are endless, simply substitute the hip for the areas where you experience pain to achieve the same benefits.

Insomnia is greatly relieved by sleeping on the mat, lying flat on your back. You may wish to place a pillow beneath your knees to allow yourself to comfortably drift off into a deep sleep. Consider using a guided meditation to help this process along.

Regular use of the mat will reduce a variety of painful conditions including migraine as the elevated endorphin levels in your body work to block the pain impulses in the brain. Depression is alleviated by the same process as endorphins naturally lift the mood leaving you feeling calmer, happier and more relaxed.

Perhaps you like to use yoga as a form of relaxation and stress control. Believe it or not, you can perform yoga poses on the Acupressure mat, the effect of the acupressure boosting the natural effects of the poses. Place a thin cloth over the mat at first until you get used to the sensation of performing poses on the acupressure points, and start with poses where your weight is evenly balanced, such as a seated forward bend or a standing forward bend.

For meditation and general relaxation, take ten minutes or more whenever possible to lie on your back on the Acupressure mat, with relaxing music or a guided meditation playing in the background. Your overall wellbeing, mood and energy levels will benefit greatly from a time out like this.

As you can see, the Acupressure mat is not simply a meditation aid. It has multiple uses in everyday life. It is a powerful health promoting tool that can help to increase productivity, reduce reliance on painkillers and improve quality of life by gradually reducing and ultimately eliminating lethargy, depression, anxiety, erratic sleep patterns and more through the widely documented benefits of acupressure. Just as every household has a hot water bottle for winter colds, each one might also consider an Acupressure mat for ongoing health maintenance and wellbeing for the whole family.

The Acupressure Pillow

The Acupressure Pillow is effective on people suffering from neck pain , tense neck muscles, headaches, and insomnia - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.

 Acupressure Pillow for the Acupressure Mat

The ergonomically shaped acupressure pillow is designed to fit very comfortably under the neck and head.  The 1,716 spikes are placed where they have maximum impact, and stimulate the skin and acupressure points on the neck, and the lower section of the head.

When used on the neck, the acupressure pillows stimulate blood circulation and the flow of oxygen rich blood to the neck and head. The acupressure pillow may also be used in-between the thighs and knees to target specific areas.

You do not need to roll up towels to put under the acupressure mat anymore when you want to treat your neck.  The acupressure pillows are very convenient, easy to use,a nd great for a full and complete upper body treatment when used together with the acupressure mat.

These acupressure pillows are made from high quality materials, and 1,716 contact points that stimulate your neck and head.
Size: 12 x 9 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 8 ounces

Enjoy the benefits of acupressure in the comfort of your own home or office with an acupressure mat and pillow.

Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit under your neck for maximum effectiveness
Increases blood circulation to the neck & head
Effective if you have headaches, migraines, and insomnia
Use the acupressure pillow if you have insomnia, stress or anxiety
Use the acupressure pillows if you have neck pain & muscle tension
Made with 100% natural cotton and toxin-free ABS plastic.

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